The 3 bags came!!! Help me choose!

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  1. I love the Mais- you rock it well!
  2. Hi Gingerfarm!

    I bet it was difficult to just walk away from the chocolate today but you did the right you can splurge on the next one that speaks to you without feeling guilt!!

    What did you think of the 2 pocket messenger?I'm with you. Initially I wasn't sure about it, but I think it has grown on me also :smile: A friend of mine just returned a 2 pocket messenger in black that her hubby gave her & exchanged it for a black paddy. She loves the new bag but feels she would have enjoyed the pocket messenger equally.I tried to talk her into keeping both, but she said she was in purse overload in the color black. Can there really be such a thing?

    Have a WONDERFUL weekend!
  3. The ivory is beautiful!!! Go for that one.
  4. How wonderful (and fortuitous) that he accompanied you and gained a sense of understanding! I do happen to have a bff whose husband is an excellent shopper for himself as well as for her - he buys her jewellry, clothes and even handbags which she LOVES! Well, let me know if your friend needs someone else to fill in as a buyer (I will be the fastest learner ever) and I'll book airline tix for two post-haste!;)
  5. My same thoughts!
  6. definitely the chocolate!
  7. IVORY!! Hands down! :smile:
  8. I would definitely go for the chocolate version:smile:
  9. CHOCOLATE!!!!! yummy
  10. maïs!
    it's the most versatile of the colours.
    chocolate is lovely but it limits you. ivory is great as well but i would be scared it would get scuffed and dirty. maïs is a lovely colour and matches everything - you can wear it with browns, black, grey... you can really use it as a neutral but it's funkier.
  11. I really like the Mais, it is a very rich color. And the shoulder strap is such a bonus!
  12. I love the Mais!! Can you keep the Mais and the Spy?? They look hot next to each other!
  13. glad that more people like the Mais now, cuz that's the one I kept. =) It's a lovely color, a lot better in real life.

    I had to return the spy tho...the spy doesn't look so interesting after I got the Edith.
  14. Do you like the messenger style or is it to heavy or bulky? I just bought the regular edith in whisky in person, after having ordered the messenger online the other day...

    (don't know if they really have it in stock or not)

    Let me know so now I can make my choice! I hope you are enjoying yours:smile:
  15. I'm glad you kept the mais, it was my favorite and the strap is just smart to have. Great bag, enjoy!!
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