The 3 bags came!!! Help me choose!

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  1. I think mais is a great choice!! It really is a fabulous color:drool::tup:
  2. Gingerfarm...

    LOVE your new Chloe...the mais color is so unique & really stands out yet blends in at the same (if that makes sense!)

    I just ordered & received my first Edith satchel in the Muscat color from Neiman Marcus 2 weeks ago. It's FABULOUS!!! I have 2 questions for all of you. How do you get a shoulder strap for these babies? I guess it's impossible :smile:

    My other question is do the handles scratch easily? Mine arrived with a large scratch on the top front handle but it doesn't bother me as I'm expecting them to occur in certain areas. It just stands out as it is lighter than the leather so I'm curious if that's normal.

    Congrats on your beautiful baby!!!!
  3. CUTE. YOu know what I want even more? These would go so well with the zipper!!!

    The last pair they had was in my size...but i just couldn't justify spending another $500 on shoes. I can put my mind to rest now that someone bought it.:cry: Haha, oh well, I'll get over it...I guess I would spend that $500 on the Chocolate edith if I could. ;)

  4. Gorgeous boots!!! I'm so with you about $$$ shoes - I'd rather get another Chloe bag for that much $$$!
  5. Hi Lulagirl,

    Congratulations!!! The Mais with the should strap is actually a messenger style of the Edith, I think it came out in 2007...and there are hooks inside the handles to hook the stap up. The other two, chocolate and ivory is only the Edith Satchel, so it doesn't come with one and there's no where to hook one up.

    I haven't seen scratches on mine yet...but on the Chocolate that I got from NM, there was already a tiny scratch on the front, so it can defintiely happen, but it's not noticable. I think you can try to take it out with care lotion, just like other leather products. Maybe the other girls who own the edith longer can tell you better if the scratches are a problem or not.

    It's okay tho, I think a few scratches adds to the character of your leather bag. :yes:

    Congrats again! Isn't it so exciting to own a first chloe?? especial it's an EDITH!!! :love:
  6. Hi gingerfarm!

    Thanks for telling me about the messenger style of the edith...good to know the differences!!

    You are is exciting to own my first Chloe. :smile:
    My hubby even likes it & you know how they can be! He said "It's not the most expensive you've bought or the longest you've searched for one,so why are you so excited about it ?"

    Then the bag arrived & he totally realized why I have a crush. He kept saying that bag is so can wear it with everything! Now I'm afraid I have someone encouraging my new addiction !!! I'm also in LOVE with the muscat color!

    I'm thrilled you decided to keep the mais color. When I discovered your thread asking about opinions on your 3, I kept frantically reading hoping you would keep the mais. I think it looks more expensive than the chocolate and "pops" more with most clothes, especially darker colors :smile:

    Again, enjoy your beautiful baby & CONGRATS to you !!!
  7. Sorry but I love them all
  8. OMG they're all gorgeous!! I would keep them all!!
  9. Lulagirl - enjoy your Edith and post pics because i'd love to see it in muscat! BTW - your dh sounds so sweet and understanding. Not many of us have SO's who understand our inane passion for Chloes! He's a keeper!
  10. Hello GyrlLayney!

    I'll post pics this weekend if you're interested in seeing them. As far as the hubby goes, he's definitely understanding & a keeper!! As a matter of fact, now that I'm thinking about it,when new friends meet him they do usually ask if he has an eligible brother.

    I think his tolerating my LOVE of handbags stems from going to market in Atlanta & Dallas with me when I filled in for a friend who suddenly went into labor early. I filled in as the buyer for 2 trips which was so much fun :- ) He was a trooper on both trips & developed a sense of just how crazy we women are when it comes to talking (and talking) about the things we love! At least he indulges my habit more after seeing I'm not the only insane woman out there!!!

    Have a GREAT weekend!
  11. my vote goes for ivory then choco!
    i have the choco small edith (loaf) and i loved it to death! but i must say to me its such a winter/fall color.. i still use it until now though.. but i am not happy using it during summer.. too dark for me..:P

    ivory is a WOW color for summer! thats why its my first vote.. :heart: and i am not sure about its high maintinence as a white bag.. i think its something to worry about yet shouldnt spoil the joy of using a white chloe bag :biggrin:

    EDIT: ohhh so sorry i just saw u returned the white one!!
    i really loved the mias now with the last modeling pics u posted.. seems a refreshing summer color..!! : )
    between choco and mias.. for summer use.. i'd vote mias : D
  12. my vote is for the Mais... I have one too.. and it looks cute in everyway!
  13. all of them are gorgeous! i like the dark brown.
    good luck!
  14. Just brought the chocolate edith today back to NM...It was hard to part with, once again. :crybaby: I actually walked back to look at it. but you know...I know I made the right choice in choosing the mais! you all have been so helpful. Thank you so much! :flowers:

    Lulagirl, thanks for concerned!!! hehe, I didn't let you down by keeping the Mais.

    Vanilla_addict, white is pretty....if I could and not worry about it getting dirty, I would definitely keep it. Heck, I would keep all three! :biggrin:

    Esprit234, What a small world!!! I hope you're enjoying your Mais!
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