The 3 bags came!!! Help me choose!

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  1. The bags came! :yahoo:

    I wanted an Edith...and being the indecisive self I am, I couldn't choose a color! So...I did what all girls do, buy all of them! haha...too bad I can't keep all of them, so I will need your help choosing one. :smile:

    Here are the pics. - Chocolate Satchel, Mais Messenger, and Ivory Satchel.

    I'm so torn. The Chocolate has dark leather and light stitching, the mais has light leather and dark stitching with a messenger strap, and the ivory has light leather and light stitching.

    Pleeeaaaaase tell me what you think!!!

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  2. OMG! They are all gorgeous! Let me ask you this- what color bags do you already have in your wardrobe? If you already have a good basic chocolate, then I would keep the Ivory! It is gorgeous! Otherwise, I would hang onto the chocolate for dear life! Nobody makes Chocolate like Chloe!
  3. More modeling and group pics.

    I threw the fendi spy in there just because I was considering keeping the spy and not the Edith's before they came in the mail...but I don't think I'll do that anymore. The Edith's are just too pretty. :nuts: I just put it in there for myself to compare.

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  4. omg that ivory looks great on you! and I'm not even a big edith fan! My vote is ivory
  5. Jag, I know huh! They are ALL gorgeous!

    I have 1 black patent leather Burberry hobo, 1 black Dior Canvas charm hobo, 1 White Gucci, 1 canvas (light brown) gucci hobo, 1 Dior boston (Rasta style)

    Let me see if i can dig up the pics.

    here's the white gucci

    Here's the dior

    Burberry black (u can see i like stitching...haha)

    So I have one in every white brown....ahhhhh....what to do,what to do? you ladies must know all the answers!!!
  6. Oooo, that is tough!!!

    Can you possibly keep both choco and ivory!?!

    If not, I say keep the choco: it will wear well longest and it looks yummy!!
  7. Congrats! The chocolate looks the best of the three. You can wear any color with it. The ivory looks washed out and sort of disappears.
  8. You look great with the Ivory!

    Keep that one! :smile:
  9. Wow! They all look great on you! I'm torn between the Chocolate & the Ivory. I love light-colored bags but the Chocolate color will be easier to care for and is GORGEOUS, too so I'll vote for Chocolate! :yes:
  10. Okay, I figured out why no one likes the Mais...hehe...I might make this harder. I changed the color of my shirt, and it helped. :rolleyes:

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  11. I'm leaning towards the Chocolate but I'm biased - I love Chloe chocolate colors and am looking for one myself. Awesome bags!
  12. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hands down looks awesome on YOU!
  13. chocolate gets my vote!
  14. My initial response was Chocolate, but then I saw the second set of pictures and thought the Mais, so its a toss up. I think you'd get more use out of the Chocolate though. What are you thinking?
  15. I'm trying to analyze the pro's and con's

    1. Mais - I like the fact that it has a strap. I don't know if the edith will get too heavy when I"m shopping, so the strap would come in very handy. It's not my favorite color out of the 3...but it's not turning me off.

    2. Love the chocolate color, if it had a strap, it'd be perfect! one thing I wasn't sure was if I can just the chocolate color in the summer?

    3. The Ivory is gorgeous, but I wish they had the contrast stitching. I think that's one special thing about the Edith...the stitching makes the detailing more special in this simple bag.

    It's soooo hard to make up my mind!