The 25th birthday bag

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  1. yay a reveal - and my first prada! after much hemming and hawing about the gorgeous white bag I decided to return her. I was browsing saks and other websites when i saw this beauty. last wed on my lunch break i took a walk down to prada in SF.... and came home with this beauty!

    i think she may make her debut tomorrow even though my birthday isn't until august... she is too divine to keep hidden away!

    ps please pardon my messy room.. haha.

    the gentleman who helped me was amazing - by far the best customer service i've gotten so far :smile:
  2. Wow, now THAT'S a nice birthday gift for yourself! I wish I gave myself a bag like that when I was 25! Happy early birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a fabulous classic bag! You have impeccable taste. It better not be your last Prada. Have you taken a look at their Fall collection??!!!!
  3. Beautiful bag!! Is this the new Cervo tote? I really like it...beautiful choice for your first Prada!
  4. What a gorgeous bag!!
  5. Congratulations! Its beautiful!

    and of course...Happy 25th Birthday in advance :party:
  6. Way to treat yourself!!!! And welcome to the wonderful world of Prada. Your first bag is beautiful and I'm certain it won't be your last. Wear her in good health.:biggrin:
  7. congarts and its gorgeous
  8. Fantastic bag! Great birthday pressie, congrats and enjoy her heaps :biggrin:
  9. Great choice. Congratulations!!!
  10. Good girl!!!! Great choice for a first Prada!! Very practical and you'll use her forever!!! Sooooo pretty--congrats!! Aren't you LOVING her!!
  11. Beautiful, I really love the color, very rich looking. Congrats!
  12. Congrats, Dusty Paws! I was looking at this bag in black. I love it too! What material is this bag? Would love to know.
  13. I got my Birthday Prada a month before my birthday, too. Nothing wrong with that. ;)

    That's a great basic, no fuss, timeless Prada. Excellent choice. :tup:

  14. It's good old fashioned, dyed deerskin. Not one of the high maintenance, fussy weird treatments that haven't held up.
  15. beautiful bag, love that color, happy birhday to you!! congrats!!