The $24,000 Hermès Crocodile Chair

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  1. (Not sure if this is new, please excuse this thread is it is old).

    What do you sit in after taking off your $150,000 Hermès crocodile peacoat? A $24,000 Hermès crocodile chair, of course. The newest incarnation of the French luxury goods house's classic Pippa folding chair design is finished in the world's finest matte black crocodile skin, with an ebonized maple frame and nickel plated hardware. The limited edition crocodile Pippa is based on an original designed in pear wood and saddle leather 20 years ago by architect and designer Rena Dumas, wife of Hermès President Jean-Louis Dumas-Hermès. It has now expanded into a collection of elegant foldable indoor and outdoor furniture.
  2. thanks for posting.
  3. Wow! That's beautiful but for that price, I'll add a wee little bit more and get the Pippa desk. I believe it was around $27,000.
  4. ^^Ernskie, any pic of this pippa desk? thanks
  5. Its amazing that for a skin that is suppose to be so rare... we are seeing crocodile like its going out of fashion!

    Love the soft wearable croc jackets, perhaps like the plasma screens, one day it would be available for the masses. Perhaps not.
  6. Wow.. that looks delicious!! :drool:
  7. THank you for posting this article. I've heard of the furniture line, but have yet to see any piece in real life nor even a photo until now!
  8. Neat, but, like Ernskie, I would go for the more uh, modest, Pippa desk and stool in ebonized maple and rouge H ardennes....
  9. Gosh, I would love to see a pic!
  10. Love these croc chairs :heart: I have seen the non-exotic chairs in the stores, but they are not as stunning as the croc!
  11. Nice chair.
    But I'd rather have portable croc! :greengrin:
  12. I can see the appeal of this chair; however I feel the $25,700.00 to buy a 28cm porosus croc Kelly is a better use of my money.
    Still I would say "if money is no object"?