The 2012 mid year CHOO SALE thread - what did you see, what did you get?

  1. Choo Sale Shoes & Bag - Saks
    PM for SA
    chooshoes.jpg jchoo.jpg
  2. I just ordered my first pair of Choos! I chose the Wallach ballet flats in pink, 60% off from Net-a-porter, $180 reduced from $450! So excited to receive them!
  3. I am also getting Poppy platforms in red!!!! I really wanted the black with orange floral on the platform but waited too long and they are gone :sad: Oh and I got the Wallach flats in orange patent. I am done!!!
  4. Sale bags available, original $1495 now $660, plus an additional 25% off this Wednesday only. Please PM for SA info if you are serious about purchasing~


  5. I don't have enough posts to PM yet but I will DEFINITELY take the grey one if you could send me your SA info....thank you so much!
  6. There is a Rafia bag on sale 70% off a Saks! $298!!!! You have to search for Jimmy Choo and then sale first tab to see it...
  7. It's white not grey and sold out already. Pink one might still available. I wish I can have both...:biggrin:

  8. Wow the pink is gorgeous, i have sent pm to you
  9. Sorry for the late reply, I believe this one is already sold soon after I posted :sad:
  10. Just replied to you :smile:
  11. I just got gem!!!! Are you feel comfortable to wear them? Please, let me know!
  12. I actually stopped by the NM today and they had the Coral Soft Leather Rosalie for $750 and nabbed it! :biggrin: Thank you though!
  13. Congrats...If you don't mind, mod pic plz. I'd love to see the coral one..:biggrin:
  14. i have worn them once and they are the most comfortable shoes I own by far.
  15. Definitely will as soon as I have enough posts to add pics! Haha :p