The 2012 mid year CHOO SALE thread - what did you see, what did you get?

  1. Thanks!
  2. Gorgeous!!!
  3. Great deal!
  4. Just heard the boutiques are going to 50% off this Thursday!
  5. Picking up my Capri raffia bag with white handle this weekend. Only $450!
  6. Oh, I love that bag!!!!
  7. Some goodies!
    PM for SA
  8. The other shoes that I wanted are sold out everywhere in my size :sad: So glad I got the Panthers...I have gotten so many compliments on them!
  9. I got an email saying that they started their 50% off! So I took a trip to the SF location (amazing) and ordered these half off in pink. Cant wait to get them!:love:
    0448835888439R_300x400.jpg Jennifer+Lopez+Boots+Ankle+boots+uK_c0KJsAQ1l.jpg
  10. I also received my Mira platforms and they are the most amazing and comfortable shoe ever!:biggrin:
    Photo on 6-6-12 at 11.06 AM #2.jpg
  11. Congrats..they look great on you. Q? Is the flower removable?
  12. That was my boyfriends first question too lol! But the flowers cannot come off they are strongly sewn in.
  13. Ohhh, these are drop dead gorgeous! All eyes will be on you in these shoes:smile:
  14. Would like to share my excitement!:biggrin:

    Today have received the emails about further markdowns and decided to take a look. And could not resist this beauty: Riki in Navy patent!:yahoo: At 50% off!!!

    Can't wait to receive it!!!
  15. thanks gurl!