The 2012 mid year CHOO SALE thread - what did you see, what did you get?

  1. Thanks for the info ladies! I purchased these on Nordstroms online for 40% off!
    jcjc.jpg jc.jpg
  2. Pretty...where are you going to wear these?
  3. Im going to las vegas with my boyfriend at the end of summer. The only problem is he thinks these are the ugliest shoe he has ever seen! LOL! :biggrin:
  4. Wear them with only a sexy slip or teddy...he will change his mind ;)
  5. Omg great idea! :p:p:p:p:p
  6. photo 1.JPG
  7. I got totally set for summer. I just order the Poise shoe and the papyrus in the pink and safari respectively! Excellent prices on the official website. The Papyrus is only 277 now! I'm so excited to get them. No more sandals for me now though, haha. I can't believe there are 38s on sale on the website :smile:
  8. I know...they have lots and lots of inventory!
  9. Ordered the Luna peep toe pump in the chili red from Neiman...and good thing I ordered yesterday, only one size left today. :biggrin:
  10. Fell in love with the Bronze coarse glitter styles. Picked up a pair of flats and a small bag that can be used as a clutch. I think the last picture shows the truest color.
    choobronzeglitter.jpg choobronzeglitter2.jpg choobronzeglitter3.jpg choobronzeglitter4.jpg
  11. jmcadon - this is so a jmcadon comment! :graucho:
  12. The Jimmy Choo boutiques are also carrying sale shoes that some department stores might not have. Went to the Saks near me and they didn't have the size I wanted, so I tried the jchoo store near by and they had it! On sale too :smile:~
  13. Oh j...I love the pointy toe flats! I am looking at a bronze glitter bag I saw at Nordies yesterday. If it goes lower than the 40% my SA will call me. It is kind of close to my bronze Maddy, tho.
  14. When will the next markdown be on the Jimmy Choo site?

  15. Should be within the next couple of weeks...keep checking!