The 2007 MTV VMA Red Carpet Thread

  1. Post pictures here!
  2. Rihanna
    3-2007-09-09-185745.jpg 14764030_st.jpg
  3. We need many pics!!!!! Do you see any online Caitlin?
  4. I do! There are some on MTVs website. Hold on . . .
  5. Fall Out Boy
  6. Kat Von D
  7. paris
    3-2007-09-09-194315.jpg 3-2007-09-09-194253.jpg
  8. ^She looks matronly - I never thought I'd say that about Paris.:confused1:
  9. Hayden Panettiere

    Nelly Furtado


    Sarah Silverman

    r3697350629.jpg r4009633280.jpg r224928961.jpg capt_76e9d8193e1e48fdbbeca4e7fa6654e5_mtv_awards_arrivals_cadc139.jpg capt_f57cc7c49b09419ba4c39d13c07e4367_mtv_awards_arrivals_camw102.jpg
  10. Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler

    Alicia Keyes

    Soulja Boy

    Rosario Dawson
    capt_36a16b8eb97a49799727d8a1b55d62b2_mtv_awards_arrivals_cadc138.jpg r816205267.jpg r1818888495.jpg capt_e6af74e7e1d24332b86d6e7a83d02a60_mtv_awards_arrivals_cadc137.jpg r3640484031.jpg
  11. Chris Brown

    Pamela Anderson

    Ashlee Simpson

    r4286937698.jpg r1641958384.jpg r193634003.jpg r4078087130.jpg r4100870855.jpg
  12. EWWWWWW PARIS! lol!

    what the heck was she thinking!

    she really never looks that great to me .. but that hair style is just not attractive on her!
  13. Daughtry

    Megan Fox


    50 Cent

    Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Garner
    r3116704033.jpg r1447557317.jpg capt_e7a24799e0c5479fb625176bc85975c2_mtv_awards_arrivals_cadc131.jpg r2776392280.jpg r1643613577.jpg
  14. She was in Toronto last Thursday and she had a pimple on her chin. With that picture posted above, looks like she broke out on the side of her nose.

    I have the same must be our bad Canadian pollution and humidity that does this to our skin.:sad:
  15. Robin Thicke

    Mary J. Blige

    Maroon 5


    capt_721d7e83850c4f639b39fea6433253dc_mtv_awards_arrivals_nvjh150.jpg r2517032337.jpg capt_05560ad0ce674280b1f8e5d708b9b424_mtv_awards_arrivals_nvjh148.jpg capt_ea829c45078d4ff4b770c6325b1a2796_mtv_awards_arrivals_nvjh147.jpg capt_f74ee31cb95349078098570f67e15ddc_mtv_awards_arrivals_nvjh145.jpg