the 2 times i've tried to sell..SCAMMERS HAVE WON MY AUCTIONS!!

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  1. I AM F@(#*@)#@) furious!!!!!

    I've been trying to sell this ps3 for christmas money and these nigerian scams KEEP buying my auctions and not sending money........... I AM ABSOLUTLEY FURIOUS!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
  2. That really sucks, I've had one of those nigerian scams for a cell phone I was selling. Its a waste of time, effort and money. I feel your anger.
    Hope you get a successful sale soon:yes:
  3. I hope I get my money back from EBY!!!!ughhhh!!
  4. how much did you want to sell it for? my boyfriend wants a ps3 for xmas so bad.

    i know they go for tons more on ebay though. :nuts:

    sorry to hear that happened to you twice.
  5. my reserve is at 800. I AM FURIOUS CAUSE THE MONEY I AM PUTTING IN TO GET THIS THING SOLD>.......Now I know how ebay sellers feellllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. yes, this makes me really not want to sell on ebay. i only use it as a last resort. ugh, i hope ebay gives you your fees back!
  7. So what exactly is the Nigerian scam? Are they trying to get you to send stuff for COD or something?
  8. Have you reported them?
  9. Tura:yea i have but they keep making new User names!!

    Litiga: they buy the item then the send you amoung and a significant amount of money for shipping (since it is for africa) and theny ou get this email saying you have been paid or credited or another email saying they have paid but it is being witheld for 24-48 hours till you send "paypal" the tracking number......
  10. You could always just list it as a buy it now with immediate paypal payment required. I've done that recently as I'm so tired of the non payers wasting my time!
  11. You can also, I believe, block international buyers in your preferences, unless they've changed that. Plus, if you indicate that you won't ship internationally and an international buyer bids, you can file for your ebay fees back. At least that's the case in the US version of ebay. I'm not sure where you're located and if it's the same where you are.
  12. can i file back if they just haven't paid?
  13. Yes, you can file a non paying bidder claim to get your fees back.
  14. omg that is sooo crazy