The $2 million sandals

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  1. I agree. I find it lame when things are made super expensive by people who just put all kinds of diamonds/gold/jewels in them. There's nothing really creative there that justifies its extravagant price. I see a lot of news teasers like this, like "coming up, $1 million dollar ice cream!" and then you see they just dolled it up with gold and diamonds. I say, eh.
  2. Imagine one of those stones falling off :nuts:
  3. I can't imagine paying that much for shoes even if I had the money! So many things could happen to them and then it'd be 2 mil down the drain.
  4. I agree - the blue stones are gorgeous, but the shoe design itself isn't anything new.
  5. Not to mention it's gotta come out somewhere:roflmfao:. I want to EAT my ice cream. I'll be happy with a tub of dreyer's and some whipped cream.

    I also saw this fancy-schmancy cocktail with a nice ring in it in some other photo gallery. Like a prize at the bottom of a cereal box... it would make a nice proposal idea as long as the drink is clear.

    It's like those $10,000 jeans. I don't think I could ever be comfortable wearing a pair of jeans studded with diamonds and gold. I'd always be checking behind myself to make sure I didn't lose anything.
  6. ITA! I would be totally paranoid, on one hand worrying about a stone falling off my ass and on the other, worrying about other people checking out my ass and what they think of it.

    Too much attention. My bottom likes to be discreet! :nuts:
  7. I wouldn't be able to wear it because the insole stops at the ball of your foot, and that hurt my feet when I wear them for only 20 minutes.
  8. These came up a while back. This just goes to show that money cannot buy style. The shoes are ugly! I'll take the jewels, don't get me wrong but the shoes do not look like $2m shoes.
  9. That's insane!
  10. I don't understand what the point of even making these is!
  11. Why would anyone buy these? Unless you wear the matching "My shoes cost $2 million" t-shirt, they just look cheap and tacky. Sorry.
  12. Hmm...not impressed with either pair. I get that the stones are quite valuable and pretty, but they sort of resemble prom shoes. Even if I had 2 mil. just lying around, this is not what I would spend it on.
  13. I know that the stones are really expensive, but the shoes just look cheap. No way would I waste $2 mil on those!
  14. Think of how many pairs of CLs you could get instead with the 2 mill!!!!!!!