the 2 chanel bags i bought within a week!!

  1. i bought
    (1) the e/w black caviar
    (2) and 2.55 tweed bag (many thanks to the ladies from the authenticity thread)
    i :heart: them both!
    DSC04993.jpg indigotweed1.JPG DSC04931.jpg f5d4_12_sb.JPG.jpg
  2. wow! theyre gorgeous!! congrats on your new purchases!!
  3. I love the e/w, a classic!!
  4. Really lovely! Congrats!!!!!
  5. Congrats again, Jen!
    I love the east/west, but I think your beautiful tweed flap is such a great find. Enjoy them!
  6. Wow! Congrats!! Sooo pretty!!!
  7. congrats on your beauties, gorgeous tweed
  8. CONGRATS!!!
    Both are so pretty!
  9. Congrats! Two great bags! I like the blue tweed - its beautiful.
  10. Jen, Congrats again on your bags. They are beauties.
  11. Congrats! What beautiful picks...
  12. Beautiful!
  13. Very beautiful Jen. I especially love the tweed bag.:heart:
  14. Love the east/west! Congratulations on your new purchases!
  15. congrats!!! those are great bags!