The 2 Bridgit girls have arrived!!! **PICS**

  1. Sorry for the delay (...DS#2 birthday party is today!). I liked my Black bridgit soooo much, so I ordered 2 more! Metallic and Rose. I LOVE the metalic/platinum. I'm keeping her for sure. I especially like the silver hardware. :love:

    Now, the Rose i'm not so sure about. I knew it was going to be a Coral color, rather than a Dusty Rose color, but I wasn't expecting it to be such BRIGHT Coral. I'm worried it will not go with enough. The photos below show the color pretty accurately. I have a magenta bleecker duffle that is bright, dark pink. It goes great with brown, black and denim. The bridget has so much orange in it that i'm not sure it looks that great with either brown or denim.

    What do you'all think? :confused1:

    Here are the girls:

    Me with lovely platinum:

    Me with un-decided rose:

    btw... can anyone tell me how to insert thumbnails that can be enlarged instead of these giant photos? I use photobucket. TIA
  2. 2nd one looks like a salmon! love that color! never seen it before! great choice
  3. Love the metallic...not feeling the "rose" (they should just call it coral). As for the photos, when you post scroll down to the bottom and look for the "attach files" part and click on the manage attachments button. That will pull up a separate dialogue box that you can browse for the photos on your computer and then click on upload. You don't need to upload to Photobucket to use the thumbnail option. I use both options depending on the post although I try to remember to do the more exciting things attaching the thumbnails so Candace117 can see them when she's at work. HTH
  4. I LOVE the metallic color, but I am not feeling the "rose" color! It's not at all like the website!

    Congrats though!
  5. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: LOL... now that you mention it sinniebunie, the color of the 2nd bridget is EXACTLY the color of a salmon! ... is that a good thing?!
  6. I love them! Sooo pretty! I love that platinum, and I do also like the rose and think it will actually go with a lot. Such a springy shade. Black or brown, khaki, jeans...

    If you have a chance can you show pics of the inside with your stuff in it? I keep reading that is holds more than you would think, but I have had trouble visualizing it...

    Enjoy your new bags!
  7. As long as it doesn't SMELL like a salmon :wtf:
  8. What a cute bag! I wish I could wear smaller bags but I haul too much stuff. :shame: Plus I'm tall.

    I actually like the coral/salmon bag because it's such a soft, spring-y color. I think it would look especially good with grey, navy, and taupe/camel.

    Congratulations on your new bags! :yahoo:
  9. They are beautiful!! And look wonderful on you!! Thank you for posting these!! I'm glad I didn't miss it!! The "Rose" is very bright...but if you don't think you'll wear it then definately exchange/return it. $500 is a lot to not wear!! (i guess I'm guilty of that)
  11. are you serious? its called rose? why do i see salmon? lol

    salmon is a great color.. a little pink and a little orange!
  12. IDK...:p Maybe there is a rose the color of salmon!??
  13. congrats! :tup:
  14. See the top border of the new layout.. its like that but with more orange hehe

  15. It's funny you mention it, i'm relatively tall (5'8") and I have exclusively large, heavy bags! I need them for going places with my kids. The bridget was the first small bag that had enough drop to wear with ANY coat I own, plus holds my giant wallet, cell phone and medicine/makeup pouch. It's 11" long! That's why I orded 3! I wore the black one to a dinner with my DH and it was perfect! I'll post some photos with my stuff it in.

    I'll try the rose with some springy clothes and see. I like it, i'm just not completely sure yet!