The $2,000 Chloe question...!

  1. I just had a bag die on me. A sad, unpredictable death due to poor workmanship. I loved it for a few short weeks... R.I.P. :crybaby:

    THE QUESTION IS... so you have a $2,000 store return credit and your DH wants you to pick out another current Chloe bag from the store to ease the pain.

    I'm lost, and I know the girls here are experts!!

    What would you choose? What colour?? :shrugs:
  2. Gosh, to many to choose from. You can get a current Bay bag. Or you can get two paddington styles. The Tracy's are back and they aren't as common.

    Is this your first Chloe?

    I like neutral colors. The camel in the Bay is really pretty.
  3. Wow, I would love to be in your shoes right now! Choices, choices...I also think the patchwork bag is pretty cute but it's pricey! I wonder what the dimensions are...
  4. The chocolate brown python doctor's bag. I have it and I imagine I will still love it when I am 40, 50, 60 etc

    Paddies are fun bags to have too, and you'd have about $500 left to spend on something else! :heart:
  5. Poor workmanship is not good publicity for the brand, you probably should be able to obtain even a bit more than what you bought your bag for...
    With a storecredit I would take my time one rarely makes good decisions under pressure...(personal expirience:cry: )
  6. I'm confused? Let me get this straight, you had a 2000 dollar Chloe bag that had issues so you received credit. I get that, but what I really want to know is which bag did you have and what was wrong with it??? How long did you have the purse before it deteriorated. What amazes me is that DH said get the same brand again. What a guy.
  7. ^ There's always the occasional dud. :shrugs:

    I'd probably get a Fanny clutch and some footwear.

    But, assuming you want a big bag, I'd get a Betty, or Bay, Shoulderbag. :biggrin:
  8. I would get a Paddy (I know, shocking isn't it) or a Bay bag in a color that sweeps me off my feet!
  9. What great feedback!!

    This will be my 2nd Chloe. After initially lusting for a Whiskey Paddy :love: I ended up with a choco Tekla. It's dark brown and gorgeous. So much so, that when the other bag (expensive Italian number, not a Chloe) died he suggested a Chloe. Since it stemmed from his X-mas present I guess I better take him up on it!

    The patchwork is pretty, but I have a backpack thats very similiar and so onward I look unless I wanna be all matchy! :yes: The Bays are pretty, and the doctors bag is a great idea for me! Whew - the choices. :wtf:

    I find myself back in love with Whiskey Paddy's... and now there are sooo many styles! I guess I'm out of the loop as to which are the hard to get ones...

    Oh and I love the idea of having enough left over for a wallet!!! :yahoo:
  10. Sounds to me like you need to get a paddy and a paddy wallet!:heart:

  11. Hmmm, isn't it funny that when you're broke, there are several bags you'd LOVE to have, but the moment you can afford the bag of your dreams, you can't make a decision?? Happens all the time. Good luck;)
  12. Hmmm, I thought about the patchwork as I was eyeing that in the website and saw it IRL today at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills. At $2,100.00 I thought it was very pricey specially considering the leather is very soft (the bag is VERY light!!!) and very thin, reminiscent of the Tekla. Although the bag is GORGEOUS I am afraid it will suffer the same fate as one of the tPFer's Tekla whose leather ripped so it's probably not my choice. However, I will recommend a paddy and a wallet like KMSNYC, or as jag said, a Bay bag. I personally love the blue colour. Good luck!
  13. Ok, so I'm hitting the store tomorrow. And taking all your good advice with me!!

    Still drooling over a whiskey Paddy (sooooooooooo unoriginal but I digress!) and wallet idea... yum!!
  14. Oh, a whiskey paddy is absolutely wonderful! I have one and I still can't bare to part with it. The color is magnificent. Good luck! I hope you find something that you absolutely love! ;)