the 1st LV thread on an iphone

  1. I'm typing this on an I phone right now and its amazing!

    Guess i should relate it to LV now, well seeing that vuitton has made cases for iPods and comps do u think an iPhone case is immenent?
  2. Haha, I am listening to a story on NPR right this second about the iPhone, click on the LV forum, and see this thread! Right when they are talking about the web features. Cool!

    I love Apple and have a couple iPods and a Powerbook, but I think I am going to wait at least until second-gen for the iPhone.

    Oh and I get all my device cases from :smile:
  3. I can see there being an iPhone case, but probably much later. They did a pretty crap job IMO keeping up with the current selection of ipods, as did most other designers.

    Congrats on your iPhone btw, I am totally loving mine too!
  4. they've got faster with tech accessories but I think it's sttill a little way off would one of opaki work or is it too big??

    how you liking the iphone
  5. that's so cool!!! do you LOVE your new iphone?!!!

    my daughter and i were at two malls on that day, one of them around 5:30pm people were lined up and waiting for the 6pm door opening....the line must have been a mile long, i couldn't believe the amount of people right in the middle of the mall, sitting on the ground!!!

    i saw this beat-up looking damier Azur noe on the ground with a lady .... that was the first LV bag i saw with those people and there were more and more after i started to pay attention....

    we went to 2nd floor of the mall and took bunch of pics of this craziness....i should post them soon, have some LV bag sighting too, of course!!! lol

    congrats on your iphone!! i am so jealous! i just bought 80GB video ipod right before we went on the vacation beginning of June....i needed it to load up all my daughter's Dora, Wonder Pets, and all other her favorite shows on the 14 hr plane ride!!! :yes::tup:
  6. Congrats on your new Iphone. I was at the mall the other day playing with one. Oh man I want one now.
  7. how much music can be stored on this?
  8. Does it fit nicely into your LV ? ?

    When I got the Q I ended up buying a mini-pouchette accessory to protect it my andbag, and to give it a nice home.

    Enjoy, apple has great products.
  9. <---LV discont'd making cell phone cases, and I wish they would make some new ones for newer gadgets and PDAs like the TREO and the iPHONE!!!! Congrats on the new toy, hope there aren't too many snafus!!
  10. Welcome to the iPhone club! I :heart: mine, too! The activation and transition from my BlackBerry was so easy! Maybe we should start an iPhone thread in the clubhouse section? LOL :p
  11. Congrats on the iphone, very cool!
  12. My only problem is I despise Cingular/ the New AT&T blah blah blah so I won't have it.
  13. I love my iphone too, used it yesterday at the Lv boutique to show the SA the Denim XL on the purse forum, don't you just love "pinching"!!!
  14. 1000 songs on the 4gb
    2000 songs on the 8gb
  15. Hope you don't have problems with it! I know a couple of people who got theirs and they aren't happy with it already.

    Anyway I think by the 2nd generation of these, LV will make a case, probably similar to the PSP case.