The $1m shoe collection the Wall Street mogul is suing wife over

  1. Mine too, it's pretty funny really.
  2. If he has to sell his beloved Porsche/Bentley/Lamborghini/whatsoever cars in the divorce proceedings, I think it's fair that she must do the same to her other items. It's just that it's ridiculous that he claimed not knowing her closet room nor the combination to open it, in their own house. It doesn't look like Harry Potter's Chamber of Secret or something that he's banned from accessing.
  3. Exactly! I read this and thought :shrugs: How could you have been married to the woman and not known about her shoe collection? I guess he never friended her on FB :p
  4. poor guy probably never even realized he spent 1,000,000 on shoes :roflmfao:
  5. Drools... i want just half of her shoe collection.
  6. He probably should be divorced... For a guy not to notice that his wife never wore the same shoe two days in a row or probably changed shoes multiple times daily never to see the same one is grossly unobservant. He couldn't have cared a flip about her. I can't get away with wearing any new shoe without the old dbf being like... Where did that one come from? Next time I'll just say... The secret room. ;)

  7. pre-nup that Sh*t hahahaha lesson learned NO ONE messess with my shoes :ninja:
  8. Did anyone catch this chick on the millionaire matchmaker? She brought a guy "friend" on her date with the guy she was set up with. She may have nice shoes but she is a mess of a person, who does that?
    Is it possible too that maybe they had more then one house so he didnt see the shoes? She probably plays in vegas or atlantic city so maybe they had a second house there that he rarely went too
  9. This made me LOL so true though!!!
  10. Yes! I was just gonna post this lol. She needs help!
  11. I was telling my boyfriend about this the other day and he had one really good point: If there was any doubt as to who wanted the divorce now you KNOW it was her! LOL