The 180: doing things u said u would NEVAH do-but now ARE doing&loving?


Jan 29, 2009
I don't know what's going on with me but I'm CHANGING big time...perhaps the change of life:wtf: or something else deep, because I have ALWAYS hated shopping of any kind and especially hated with dread, MEH and oy vey with the idea of shopping/buying clothes, shoes and generally really dispising spending money on myself (okay spending money in general). :confused1:

Since the beginning of this year, I have being doing a complete 180 on the way I've been thinking almost all of my life. I have not only developed a LOVE for shopping, but I'm actually having a ball shopping for clothes and things for me.:heart: I always said, I would NEVAH "fall" into the shopping/spending "good" money on vain things "game", but I'm in and in deep with shopping and spending and loving it! I now love trying on clothes (which I HATED doing with all of my heart ALL of my life:sweatdrop:) and I now LOVE buying cute stuff for myself and LOTS of it and focusing on ME, MYSELF and I like I never have. Before, I always felt it urgent to save for a rainy day and deny myself and NEVER spend money if I didn't HAVE it (well, even if I did have it :smile:. Before I hated the feeling of "danger" (like bills coming in and lots of them, but now..I LOVE IT and the fear of overdoing it is gone:nuts:

How about you? Have you done a 180 in your life--not only now doing what you swore you'd NEVER do, but now doing it and LOVING it?!?

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Lovin' Life!
Apr 21, 2006
I thought I was a big city girl forever but moved out of a big city to a small town and couldn't be happier.


Dec 10, 2008
OP i'm the same!! i used to dread going to the mall with my mom and sibs growing up, and would bring a book and sit in the store somewhere while they shopped and tried on clothes. same thing in college - i went shopping less than 10 times during all 4 years. but i became very interested in fashion, style, blogging, etc very quickly after i started working, and now i know the names and basics of every designer out there, and i'm starting to form a style of my own. branching out of the ann taylored out wardrobe of my family. and yes, i love it. it's added a new dimension to my life - finding beauty in things i never even thought about this time two years ago.

Vegas Long Legs

Nov 13, 2006
Talk about the good old days. How things used to be done, etc. LOL!
I think when you live long enough to be able to compare periods of time, its inevitable.

Years ago, I went to a party & part of the entertainment they hired was a psychic. She harped on me that I was going to be moving to Las Vegas. I told her she was NUTZ, I wouldn't be caught dead living there. (I detest gambling.) So here I am now. lol
If she hadn't died, I'd call her & apologize.
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Resident Gnome
Dec 28, 2008
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I said I'd be a doctor. I'm not. (Not even close!)

I said I'd wait until I was in my late 30s to have a kid. By my mid30s I had three childen and married into one, too.

I said I'd never leave New York. I live 400 miles away from NYC.

I said I'd never be a stay-at-home mom. I did that for a few yrs each time I had a baby.

Life is indeed plan B. Or Plan C, D and E.


Judge Roughneck
Apr 25, 2008
^^ I also swore up and down I'd never leave Brooklyn for anything. I live in New Mexico.


~*~ addicted ~*~
Feb 26, 2008
Well, I'm really happy I have stuck with some of the decisions I made a long time ago but as far as ones that have changed...

I didn't think I'd ever ever ever move out of Wisconsin, I felt I had no need to leave and even if I did I would never be that brave to move somewhere by myself. Well, here I am in Colorado living by myself since August of 2006! AND: I absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also said that I wouldn't become a teacher until later in life... I'm almost finished with my student teaching and all that and I absolutely love it too!!!!!!!

I also thought people that spent money on designer stuff and "$48 on a coach keychain" were CRAZY! Or hundreds of dollars on purses or over $10 on sunglasses.... I have now done all of those things a bazillion times over and LOVE IT!

hahahaha sometimes change is a good thing ;)!


Sep 6, 2008
East coast
I've never wanted to work in a hospital setting...I'm now in one and I love it!

Eversince I was a kid I've thought that 27 or 28 was the youngest age that I wanted to get married, probably from all the advice I got to make sure I enjoyed doing single things in my 20s before settling down. Ended up meeting my DH senior year of hs--dating for 7 years...we got married last year right after I turned 25 :love:.

For the longest time I never ever liked Louis Vuitton...then something changed... I now have my 1st bag and planning on getting my 2nd (3d,4thc etc) one very soon!:P


Jun 25, 2008
Same philosophy as KZ! Life is about 180s - and 360s and whatever keeps you going, alive and happy.

My biggest was saying I'd never have a kid - I have one! :love:

I'm at a crossroads right now re career, just not sure how to take the first step :rolleyes:


Nov 23, 2006
i said i would never be one of those ppl that oogled and awed and did baby talk. Now a niece and a nephew later (2 1/2 & 10months)--- I have babies on the brain 24/7 and I love all things baby. I am constantly showing random people pictures of them because they are the cutest things ever --- uh oh here i go again lol.