The 15th year anniversary present I cant post...


Beauty is Orange...
Jul 5, 2006
For 15 years I have been married to a wonderful man. We have been through many trials and tribulations along the way. Through the years he has endured the many expensive whims that I have thrust upon him. Though he has yet to complain of that fact, I am most certainly aware of it. So when our 15 year anniversary came (5/15/2007) I had made it a point to not make a big deal out of it. As you all have known my DH has a way of enabling my Hermes love.....

The morning started off as it usually does. Wake up 5:00am and get the coffee started. The smell of highly concentrated 100% caffeinated brown slurm that I call coffee was sure to wake up the whole household. I made it a point to not make a big deal out of today. Yes it has been on my mind since the first of the month. Yes it was another reason to ask for a visit to my favorite store. Yes it was another reason to spend spend spend. But I made up my mind not to do it. DH has yet to say anything. I waited the whole 14 days prior to see if he remembered. Sadly he has bad memory when it comes to "special days". But needless to say he always makes it up in the most special way.

I heard the muffled sounds of cranky children coming from the hallway. Oh and yes I had a long talk with both of them prior to this day.

"boys I want to keep mine and daddys anniversary quite this year, ok."

The youngest looks at me with disbelief ":confused1:Whaaa??? your joking right mom? You dont want a bag or something?"

Then of course my wise cracking oldest son had to chime in "Ooh Ooh mom does want bags anymore!"

Rolling my eyes I lightly taped him on the back of the head. "No, I just dont want your daddy to worry too much about today."

They gave me the "yeah ok, whatever mom" look and politely obliged at my request.

So on to the morning of...
DH was already up getting ready. He had gotten to bed late and I noticed that he looked a little haggard. Being the good wifie that I am I offered him a large cup of my bubbling brew to awaken him. The wince of his face let me know that I had accomplished my job. As I helped him get his clothes out I listened to him go through is itinerary for the day. Apparently he was to have a very full, not so fun, possibly causing a headache day. OK good, he will be too occupied to worry about anything else. So the morning went about as usual, children to school, me to work.

Aah that is another story. Gracie sends her love...Brittney and Paris are as clueless as ever. Which reminds me...Paris did come to work one day with what appeared to be a Birkin 30cm. Upon closer inspection it had no Hermes logo, stamp, nothing at all. Is there such a brand that makes Birkin style bags? Something to research I guess. Well half way through the morning I recieved a call from DH.

"What are you doing for lunch? My 12:00 appointment canceled." No hint of anything with those statements. Humm maybe he truly did forget?

"Well I brought my lunch...but we can meet if you have nothing to do."

"Great! I'll meet you at ***** restaurant. My treat

:graucho: :graucho: :graucho:." Aaaa I sense something in that tone.

As 12:00 closed in I prepared to take my lunch break. I bid Gracie a quick farwell and headed to the restaurant to our "luncheon" :graucho:. I walked in the entry way and noticed that he had already ordered himself and I a drink. A quick kiss hello (dont get me started on his view of public shows of affection! Try holding his hand, he has to work up to it!). The main part of lunch went uneventfully. Humm...maybe he truly did forget, should I be mad? Should I drop him a hint? Damn it, no I cant, need to stop being so darn compulsive.

As we sat looking at the dessert menu the waitress came up to me and handed me a plain brown shopping bag. "Excuse me Mrs "SP" this was left for you by a very handsome gentleman (she winked at me and gave me this "look"). He asked me to deliver it to you once you arrived."

OMG the look DH gave me! The look of accusations of infidelity! What the h*ll, I didnt do anything! Who would send me something here? OMG am I in trouble??? Did I look at someone the wrong way? Secret admirer??

My heart was pounding, head was spining, ears ringing. I didnt want to open it...what if it was something..."sexual" or "kinky" I dont know! I didnt do anything! The seconds seemed like minutes, the minutes seemed like hours. Finally DH spoke in a most unemotional tone.

"Well, are you going to see who its from???" looking at me with no emotion on his face.

I didnt want to...what the h*ll is going on. Why am I feeling so guilty??? I didnt do anything!

So I slowly opened the bag. Humm...there is a package wrapped in plain brown paper on the bottom. I carefully took it out, not noticing that the whole restaurant got suddenly quite. Not even aware that all eyes were watching us. I turned the package over to see if there was any card or writing. Nothing! I quickly glanced at DH, who was still looking at me with that unemotional stare. Humm it feels kinda heavy...what could it be? I heard someone in the background "open it already..."

OK, here goes nothing......
Its orange heart is racing
OMG its a Hermes box! I quickly look up at DH who by now has a sly smirk on his face.
Open the box and it is an lovely exotic "handheld clutch" black and oh so shiny!!!! I opened it up and inside was a lovely Hermes watch!!!!!

My hearing was muffled but I did hear clapping. I jumped out of me seat and planted the biggest kiss on DH (it was a shocker to him...remember he has a thing about show too much public displays of affection).

Now you ask "why cant you share pics with us??" A specific request from DH...I cant even tell you the style of the purse. Circumstances related to the purchase, the rarity of the style in our area, who was present in the store when he purchased it, all this would give away who I was. He feels that it is in my best interest to keep it low key.

So let me thank you all for giving me your time in sharing this wonderful day. I am more then happy and willing to share my other purse "purchases" but sadly this one has to remain incognito. Till my Etoupe JPG Birkin arrives (oh and a black clemence 35cm Birkin with GH!!!) I bid you a lovely day!

SimplyPrincess :heart:


Jul 12, 2006
Happy Anniversary SimplyPrincess. I read your story and lived through every single word and sentence. I felt like I was there sharing this happy and wonderful moment. Thanks for sharing with us. Cheers:drinkup:


Aug 26, 2006
Beautiful story beautifully told. Congratulations! We understand the need for discretion. You and your hubby are lucky to have eachother!!!!!


Sep 4, 2006
aww that's really sweet. Congrats on your 15th anniversary, and enjoy the wonderful gifts, i'm sure they are especially meaningful and precious to you! Thanks for sharing!


Jan 15, 2007
simplyprincess, your DH is a GEM! It gets so difficult to surprise anyone after any length of marriage, so the amount of thought and planning he must have put into this is so impressive! You lucky girl! Happy Anniversary!

Got Silk?

Nov 16, 2006

Congratulations on it all. Your husband "remembering", you controlling the urge to remind him, your presents, AND rendering me speechless!!!!

Happy Anniversary!


Cherokee H Princess
Dec 29, 2006
in my jewelry box
SP, what a wonderful story! You had me holding my breath right to the very happy ending!

You have a wonderful, thoughtful husband who obviously loves you very much! Thank you for sharing your touching story about your 15 year anniversary!!


Beauty is Orange...
Jul 5, 2006
THANK YOU so much ladies! It took me a while to actually post me story cause DH was next to me reading while I types. He did have some input...and blushed quite a bit. He stated "maybe you should put down ...your dashing, model looks husband that can give Fabio a run for his money... instead of "DH" ..." Humm I think he is enjoying TPF waaay tooo much!


Oct 4, 2006
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! wow, this is and will be such a memorable anniversary! Your DH is simply wonderful, getting you such lovely gifts and planning the surprise and all!!

....and you wake up at 5am every day??!!