The $14K LV Birkin

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  1. I saw this last night in the new issue of Bazaar, and although I have never been keen on LV I literally swooned...and then realized why. LV has done its own spinoff of the Birkin, complete with black croc and chocolate signature embossed leather. Yummy! Just when I thought I had finally found an LV I could love (and something to satiate my Birkin lust), I saw the price tag...
  2. :wtf: boi that beast is fugly
  3. I've seen it aswell somewhere....:throwup:
  4. What's up with LV lately ...? Did Marc Jacob design this one? Actually did he design most of the new LV bags these days? If so, then I think I finally know why his work never appealed to me ...
  5. I think it's a spinoff of their Steamer. I like it too Et! :flowers:
  6. I think it's the "Lady Steamer"...although I am not familiar with the LV line. But I like it! It's really cute. I think I like the embossed signature leathers. Maybe I can find an LV bag one of these days...I have never had one.
  7. I am almost 100% positive it was a Marc Jacobs design. I remember reading that somewhere.
  8. this is part of the extra-ordinary bags (more "special" than limited edition).. u have to place an order in LV boutique and they will make it especially for you.

    In the past LV would produce few bags max 3 bags of each limited edition bag for every boutique.. but now limited edition is very easy to find and when i went to london last may, i found few of them in every single store.. To be honest, im really tired of all this limited edition bags since they're making more and more limited edition.. you cannot even call it limited edition!
  9. OMG That is so ugly... And I don't mean it because it's LV. It's just...
  10. Well ... I have to say that some of LV's new designs as of late hadn't exactly been palatable IMO ... MJ has come up with some fugly stuff in the attempt to appeal to the "younger" crowd ...
  11. ^^^ I agree
  12. its a shame though that it carries LV name
  13. Ack! :yucky:

    ...i'll probably be roasted for this.....there are few LV bags that I really like and this is not one of them...:sad:
  14. I totally agree with you, Shopmom....:throwup:
  15. Please don't feed me to the wolves for this post okay,

    As I don't find this bag to be ugly I do find it interesting looking either. It seems Marc Jacobs has run out of creative idea's, does he really think that this is going to be a big seller! I put this right on the list with fake Brikins. I find this as insulting as those people who fake Birkin bags. I can't believe that the LV franchise actually approved this. It's like they are saying it's ok to plagiarize (sp) other people's designs and call it their own. Aren't they against plagiarizing?