The $14,500 dessert!!

  1. This is crazy. Why someone would spend this much on a dessert is beyond me but I HAD to share!!


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    Resort charges $14,500 for dessert

    Mon Sep 24, 4:17 PM ET

    This dessert may be a little too rich for you, but you're probably not rich enough for it. A Sri Lankan resort is charging $14,500 for what it calls the world's most expensive dessert, a fruit infused confection complete with a chocolate sculpture and a gigantic gemstone.
    "The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence" was created to give visitors at The Fortress resort in the coastal city of Galle a one-of-a-kind experience, said the hotel's public relations manager, Shalini Perera.
    The dessert is a gold leaf Italian cassata flavored with Irish cream, served with a mango and pomegranate compote and a champagne sabayon enlighten. The dessert is decorated with a chocolate carving of a fisherman clinging to a stilt, an age old local fishing practice, and an 80 carat aquamarine stone.
    The dessert has to be specially ordered, Perera said. Though the hotel has gotten calls about it from as far away as Japan, she said, no one has yet forked over the money to try it.
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  2. What will they think of next?:rolleyes: I'd feel too guilty eating all the calories and spending all that money, but I sure would like to see it! Also, the 80 carat aquamarine sounds really nice!
  3. :nogood:
  4. Yeah I couldn't post any pics because there was only video. The whole story plus the video are on

  5. Thats insane!
  6. It doesn't even sound that good. Bailey's and Pomegranate? Eww. Some retarded Sheik will get it, I bet!
  7. uh..not so appetizing
  8. Thats stupid.:hrmm:
  9. I'd be impressed if it were at least pretty and well-formed...but it actually looks ugly, which is too bad because I was expecting something AMAZING hah
  10. Sounds like a publicity stunt. At least you get a gemstone out of it. That's the real reason it costs so much.
  11. That's crazy!!!
  12. ^ wow...... i was expecting more...
  13. WOW, I couldn't agree more!
  14. I was thinking the same thing.:smile: