The $14,000 bag (sisters don't break your pockets)!

  1. Alligator AND Lambskin Marc Jacobs infused Louis.
  2. :nuts:
  3. I do not agree with animal slaughter, I like to help animal rights activists but this bag looks amazing
  4. Can we say this man is synonamous w/over the top?
  5. yeah lol
  6. yeah I don't think I'll be picking that one up anytime soon.
  7. I mean really is he the new John Galliano?
  8. I just dont think his Inspirationative designs will ever run out. Nothing he makes will ever be the same. Hes so totally amazing.
  9. Wooow. I almost thought that those headphones in the background was a part of the design of the bag.

  10. dang... that's a lot of money.. heheheh...
  11. Holy christmas, that's quite a pile there. Not sure if I'd ever carry it, but I believe it definitely qualifies as art.
    I second the John Galliano comment, btw.
  12. Wait, they're not? It looks like they're attached as the hand strap.
  13. That bag is so 'loud'. I dont know what to say.
  14. I think that bag costs more than I made last year. Think hubby would love me enought to blow a chunk of the down payment we're saving?

    I think not damm it!! :sad:
  15. No, I think they are. It's the smaller set of straps on the bag.

    Fendifemale, I was about to post it, ya beat me!:P