The 10,000 Word Limit

  1. Unless it is needed for some aspect of forum well-being, or would require an extraordinary amount of intricate and skull-numbing clicking activity on the part of the nimble index fingers of the stalwart MouseTater Forces whose unceasing toil we unceasingly thank for the smooth and glitchless function of this our Internet Home, I would like to hereby request, on behalf of those of us who are Living with Brevity Impairment, that our Serene Majesties, our Most Heartily Undisputed Queen and her most Noble Consort, our Most Royal and Putative Forum Baby Daddy, consider extending it just a smoosh, maybe to 20,000....
  2. I can't even count to 10k let alone 20k... so how anyone can write that much is beyond me!! :amuse:

    Let's ask Vlad! :yes:
  3. lmao, only you Shimma! :heart:
  4. LOL Shimma! I find the 10,000 word limit a very useful controlling factor to make my remarks without seeming verbose.
  5. I really don't think 10k characters should pose a problem unless you quote a long post. Try to shorten/remove the quoted text or post twice, should you have really a lot to say.
  6. Two short posts instead of one long one really helps ADD people like me. Else I'm liable to forget what's at the beginning of the post by the time I reach the end!
  7. This is because you are not Living with Brevity Impairment. And post twice is what I do, but it interrupts the flow.

    Well merika, as you know the two posts I do are not going to be short ones, and you always manage to do a very admirable job of wading through mine despite your ADD.

    In fact, I think it is sweet that we have become internet friends despite what would appear at first glance to be Mutually Exclusive and Duelling Disorders!

    It is not quoting that is the problem. I find that I am spending an inordinate amount of time removing my own words and counting trying to squeeze them into the 10,000 word limit, often at the cost of the most apt metaphors, cultural references and non-quote containing literary allusions, every single one of which is necessary to the expression of a thought, and even the occasional point.

    It is to me like a too-tight pair of shoes would be to Paris Hilton, who, in case you missed the photo someone posted a couple of weeks ago, has terrible corns.

    All that time I spend removing words and rephrasing things and counting and re-counting and trying to loosen straps and soften hard insteps and developing rhetorical corns that deprive people of an untold number of most edifying words is time I could spend holding forth and pontificating. Even more, I mean.

    The 10,000 word limit constitutes an Impediment.
  8. The 10k word limit is in place mainly for technical reasons.

    I suggest the following:

    Write down everything that your little heart desires, once finished, try to submit the post. If the forum complains about the length, mark and cut (CTRL-X or Apple-X) half of the post, submit the first part, paste (CTRL-V or Apple-V) the rest into the editor and submit it. Voila, no need to remove anything, no downtime and no interrupted flow of thought.
  9. That onerous and most decidedly flow-impeding process is exactly the one I am obliged to employ, to avoid all the previously mentioned agonizing over which absolutely necessary words must be sacrificed. I almost always do posts in a text editor first because in addition to Living with Brevity Impairment, I am also Living with Windows 98.

    I did specifically recognize the possibility of a technical need for this most grievous and vexing impediment, and since that is indeed the case, I will not register an Official Pout Declaration, which, as I am sure you know, have a mandatory minimum of 30,000 words.

    And even though you have become an enabler, in all your hearts you will continue to be our most Beloved and Putative forum BabyDaddy.
  10. I'm guilty of getting a bit wordy at times, but I'm also guilty of scrolling past posts that are more than roughly 20-25 lines. If I have to scroll to read one post, them it's toooooo long for me, speaking of ADD.

    It takes work to get a point across and not be too polysyllabic or wordy.
  11. LOL, I didn't even know there was such a thing....poor shimma, I can see how that might be a problem for you ;) Love ya sweetie!
  12. Shorten the post? Have you MET ShimmaPuff?
  13. {{Sigh}} If people only knew how hard I try to be brief. And employ only the most accessible literary allusions. I have even taken up the custom of using paragraphs, and trying to keep at least some sentences under 500 words, especially to be more ADD-sensitive and friendly.
  14. 10000?! Dear lord my essays have 5000 word limits!
  15. I love you, Shimma!