The $1.63 Million Diamond and Platinum Handbag

  1. OMG Girls can you believe this bag?????:wtf::wtf:....

    The $1.63 Million Diamond and Platinum handbag, by jewelry maker GinzaTanaka of Tokyo. Its made out of brushed platinum mounted with 2,182 diamonds (totaling a whooping 208 carats!), an ornate drop design surrounding a stunning solitaire, and sparkling jewels falling like rain. View HERE

  2. Its beautiful. Maybe Bill Gates will gift his wife with it. Or perhaps we'll see Ophra on the red carpet with it. ;)
  3. Holy moly!
  4. Hey!!!!! Who's been spying in my closet??!!!??
  5. Dang... I'd much rather have a house for 1.63 million than a handbag!
  6. Ditto, but I guess if you can afford that bag the decimal is moved to the right at least one place, if not all the way for your home! When I read the title, I automatically thought it was going to be some ghastly thing, but i actually think it is lovely. I'll have to wait for the Sterling silver and CZ knockoff before it hits my price range though!:p
  7. Wow!

  8. Wow! That's crazy. It looks like sating in this picture. Better buy a satin bag like that and spend the 1.63 million on something more interesting. Do they seriously have customers buying this thing?
  9. it's not even beautiful
  10. wow!
  11. That bag is lovely. I would buy it in a hearbeat.
  12. Thats ridiculous I'm afraid!
  13. It's jewelry. Much like a big pill case or whatever. I think it looks quite good.
  14. I will def buy it if I was a I will hire about 10 bodyguards for the bag is very cute.. I mean c'omn DIAMONDS & Platinum....:drool::drool:
  15. Make ya a bet it's heavy!