The 05 Yummy Leather Club

  1. stbartschic
    so gorgeous!!! your RT Work is my HG of all HG's...
  2. here are a few of my 05's:
    black work.jpg hanging.jpg
  3. chocolate twiggy!
  4. [​IMG]

    '05 Caramel Twiggy :heart:
  5. [​IMG]

    '05 Teal :heart: (The flash washed out the color a bit.)
  6. My turn! Introducing my '05 Black First: :yahoo:

    Egypt - Dad's Pictures 015.jpg

    I :heart: :heart: :heart: her...!
  7. My yummy 05 S/S Black City.:drool:
    IMG_2888 (2).JPG IMG_2886 (2).JPG
  8. I just happened to have most of my collection from 05
    05 blk work,05 turquoise work,05 magenta weekender,05 gray coin purse (sorry about group picture )
    IMG_3802.JPG IMG_4265.JPG

  9. WOW lulu.... :nuts: I'm speechless!!! You've the best colors/bags from 2005 - such a colorful, GORGEOUS collection, just BREATHTAKING :yahoo::tup:!!
    I especially ADORE the turquoise work, want one too :drool::yes:!
    Thank you so much for sharing :winkiss:
  10. MUST enlarge your beautiful family-pic..... :heart:

  11. My 05 black city (I feel like I've posted these pics all over the place!)

  12. My Magenta, Turquoise & Rouge Theatre 2005 :graucho:
    IMG_4292.JPG IMG_4296.JPG
  13. ^^ Wow Andy_Sach! Yummy leather AND the best colors!
  14. Yay Andy!!!! You found your RT!!!! Congrats, girlie! Your Days are gorgeous!
  15. Com'on craker, your collection is a lot better than mine:graucho:
    Thank you anyway

    Thank you alisonanna too :nuts: Love your Taupe!