The 05 Yummy Leather Club

  1. I never get tired of looking at photos of 05 leather. Share yours!

    Black Twiggy: blk 001.jpg

    Taupe Day: blk 007.jpg
  2. ^^ here's my '05 taupe first :wlae:

    DSCF8839 REV.jpg
  3. My favorite year.........

    Black City


    Turquoise Work


    Chocolate City


    Rouge Theatre City

  4. Black First:tender:

  5. Great idea alisonanna :tup: thank you :yahoo:! I LOVE most of the '05 leathers and colors :drool:!

    Here are mine which I sold:

    '05 magenta day

    '05 teal day and twiggy

    '05 ice-blue day

    '05 caramel purse
    magenta day_IMG.jpg 118-1884.pf_IMG.jpg 118-1832_IMG.JPG ice blue day_IMG.jpg DSC00193.JPG
  6. . . . and here's my current '05-collection which I LOVE so much :tender:- and I hopefully will get the magenta work additional soon :

    '05 apple green day

    '05 bubblegum pink day

    '05 turquoise city

    coin purses '05: turquoise / bubblegum pink / apple green
    porte-monnaie '05 white
    apple day_IMG.jpg DSC00035.JPG DSC00069.JPG DSC00190.JPG
  7. :tup: Great thread, s/s 05 is known to be one of the top seasons for leather, for some people it's THE season!
    Here is my beautiful black twiggy from s/s 05. I have never seen leather like this, it's so cloudy! :heart: :yes:

    I love everyone's bags, keep posting pics!:tup:
    black 05 twiggy.jpg
  8. Caramel
    Pink Bubblegum
    IMG_3350.JPG IMG_3291.JPG IMG_3502.JPG 0.1.JPG
  9. OMG girl i love your Caramel First.:drool: It looks so yummy. :tup:Great collection.:yahoo:
  10. Danae~ I LOVE the leather on your gorgeous twiggy!!!:heart::heart::heart:

    Bigger pic b/c it is too beautiful not to be!!!

  11. Here's my 05 Black City (which I sold because I'm an idiot:cursing:) and my RT city :heart:
    P1010387.JPG P1010427.JPG
  12. One more..........

    Caramel Weekender

  13. i have a few, but here's my fav:
    05 black work (thanks Z!!)
    black work.jpg
  14. ^^Gorgeous, nicole!!!! I love 2005 leather!
  15. GORGEOUS '05 work nicole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love::love::drool::drool::heart::heart:

    Needs to be bigger!!!