"That's so fake"

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  1. So I finally took my mono speedy out for the first time today (this is my first LV piece). It's funny how so many people just stare at my bag. Anyway, I was at the Coach store and behind me were two women who were talking about my bag right behind my back. One of them goes, "Is that real?" and the other one answers... "No. The "LV's" are upside down. That's so fake." The other lady then goes, "YEA i Thought so!"

    Well, I didn't even bother to say anything to them but their comment started to worry me. I'm pretty sure the purse is real- It better be... I got it off the eluxury website. But now I'm getting paranoid about the authenticity of it. Do you think it will be stupid to take my purse into the Louis Vuitton store so they can check if it's authentic? Or should I feel safe since I bought it off the eluxury website? Thanks everyone.
  2. Not to worry. Your bag is real. It's normal for bags like the Speedy to have upside-down LV's because the bag is made from one continuous piece of canvas. If you have any authenticity questions, please feel free to ask in the Authenticity thread above.

    eLux is the only place online where you can purchase authentic LV. ;)
  3. You're fine. The upside down LVs are because it's one continuous piece of canvas. If you bought a brand new Speedy with rightside up LVs on both sides THEN it'd be fake.
    People nowadays are just way too worried about trying to point out real and fake bags. Unfortunately, those who are the loudest about it are usually wrong.
  4. ^^^ita!
  5. :yes:
  6. There's no better way to say it. You put it beautifully.
  7. Dont worry with ELux authenticity its real, once when I was in COACH some lady sort of asked if my bag was authentic (she was carrying a fake perfo speedy). Maybe its COACH store thing?. I would of told them It was authentic,and I would of began showing how it is =]. Enjoy your new bag,and dont care what others think =].
  8. Arghhh!!! People make me so mad!!

    Who started that whole thing about upside down LV's anyway? They are SO wrong.

    I had a similar experience last week in the post office where I overheard someone calling my bag a fake.

    Just like LVbabydoll said ----the ones who call themselves the experts are are the loudest are usually the most wrong :cursing:
  9. I agree.
  10. The only speedys that have right-side up LVs are the old French Co. speedys. Don't worry, as long as you know yours is real, who cares what people think? I'm pretty sure people think my bucket is fake (there is a faint patina on the rim, but the other vachetta is several shades darker) and I get smug/know-it-all stares from it all the time, but I could care less.

    Lvbabydoll is right - those who tend to be the loudest and most obvious are usually wrong!
  11. I check into th e St Regis in California. I had all of my LV luggage. The bellman said something smartass about so much fake luggage. And it is all real. i didnt say a word. I didnt know what to say.. I know its real.

  12. ^ITA... with the ladies and gents on this thread...

    No worries since you purchase it from eLuxury which is part of LV.
  13. That's so true! I would have turned around and given them a mini lesson!
  14. Oh! What restraint, I would have told his a** off!
  15. That bellman would have been looking for another job if it were me.:yes: