That's Our Bag - Spring 2009

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  1. I emailed TOB recently to find out their projected inventory of Tanos :graucho:... here was the response (she only gave me style numbers and I've filled in some of the names but I don't know what the others are?)... also, I have no idea which colors they are getting in any of the bags!

    Here is a list of what we are expecting from Tano for Spring:

    4090 - ?
    4118 - six degrees
    4120 - fabulousness
    4129 - serial dater
    4133 - ?
    4138 - ?
    4150 - ?
    4160 - moving on up
    4163 - biker babe
    4168 - ?
    4172 - all fired up

    We should start seeing some styles in February.
  2. 4168 - In Plain English

    Could 4090 be a typo for 4099 I wonder...cos that's Obvious Affection.