That's I "have to have" the mezzo

  1. A few days ago I was whining about liking the Cabas Mezzo but not loving it (it's a great bag and It realy is the perfect size and exactly what I need) but I was just "ehhh" about it.

    Well I went with a friend today and tried the Cabas Mezzo and I fell in love with it.....??? How does that happen? I went from just thinking it was OK to going nuts over it today. I guess my friend was giving me moral support.

    Guess that makes my decision easier!
    maybe it was the lighting
  2. Lol. It happens to the best of us! ;)
  3. I do the same thing! I get in the store, and stuff I never liked before starts looking good. Having a friend along can make a big difference!
  4. Seeing it IRL, touching it, trying it on.......That's how you fall in love. Hmmm, sounds kid of erotic. :love:
  5. I can relate. IRL is the best way to go. I love going to the store and 'playing' with all the bags. Best way to choose, IMHO.
  6. This forum makes everything a "must have". Its really unhealthy for your wallet!
  7. Glad to hear that the trying it on IRL helped make your decision easier - there's this bag that's BOTH a want AND a need for you now! :yahoo: So is this for sure - or do you think you might change your mind and still want the Manhattan PM more? :graucho: (sorry - I'm such a troublemaker!! :shame: )

    Either way - that's a nice pick you have there! :yes:

    btw... I think I'm wavering - I'm wondering if I should get this black Balenciaga city... but if I do then I wouldn't be able to let myself get the Manhattan in November like planned... (dilemma! what to do!! :hysteric: :shrugs: )
  8. I know exactly what you mean. In May, I went to look at the Mono Speedy 25 convinced it was what I wanted and I wasn't a big fan of it. Instead I fell in love with the Batignolles Horizontal but didn't buy it due to the price.
    Here it is 2 bags later and I still cannot stop thinking about the BH :love: , so am planning to get it soon. Of course now it's $35 more. :crybaby: I'm afraid to wait much longer since apparently acquiring a lost love costs more later!
  9. It happens all the time!
  10. Hehe.. well, that makes your dilemma a little easier then ! ;)
  11. Yes! shame on you lol
    JK. No this makes me feel more I know why I was drawn to it in the first place. I have decided to just get the Mezzo next week and then use Christmas money for my Manhattan PM and probably get that in Jan of 07. I'm ok with this timeline.

    ....then maybe the Azure speedy????ahhhhh too much to think about.

    LV is a curse.:P
  12. same thing happened to me when i originally went to buy the damier belem pm and came out with the mini lin bucket and basically just left it in the closet..i tried on the belem pm like a hundred times and somehow it just looks different i'm going back to get the belem pm in exchange for the mini lin bucket because i can't stop thinking about it :love:
  13. heehee.. I just want to make sure you're confident - and I can see that you're definitely 100% confident and in love with the Mezzo!! Can't wait until you get it next week and it'll be time for celebration!!
  14. For me it's not trying on the bags at the store, but seeing random people carrying the bags on the streets. I tend to like a bag better when I see it alot on the streets carried by different people. For example the Bucket.
  15. I am so with you on the Cabas Mezzo!!! I LOVE that bag!!!

    The ONLY thing that I am worried about is that ALL VACHETTA bottom...that scares the ()#@$&*#( out of me!!

    Does anyone know if you can pay to get that part of the bag replaced if/when it gets dirty?? That is literally the ONLY thing stopping me from getting one...other than that, it is PERFECT!!! :smile: