That's Me...or Not Me

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  1. No

    Watching TV?
  2. Yes
    Same question?
  3. That's not me-on the computer.
    Is shopping for groceries today?
  4. Maybe
    Going shoe shopping today?
  5. That's not me
    Is going to the bank today?
  6. Not me

    Going to the library?
  7. Not me

    Same Q ^^
  8. Not me

    Is enjoying sunny weather today?
  9. That's me
    There's a breeze where you are today?
  10. That's me

    Same Q ^^
  11. Not me
    Going grocery shopping today?
  12. That's not me
    Feeling kind of punk today?
  13. Not me

    Same Q ^^
  14. Not me
    Likes to go to museums
  15. Some of them-so that's me
    Drinks for enjoyment?