That's Me...or Not Me

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  1. That's me

    is having coffee right now?
  2. Not me
    Is going thru old photo albums?
  3. That's me a few weeks ago.
    Is happy today?
  4. Somewhat me - I'm still tired & sleepy

    Same Q ^^
  5. That's me. I'm not unhappy...but I got off of my happy pills a month ago.
    Are you proud of your heritage?
  6. Very much so!

    Same question
  7. Yes

    Same Q ^^
  8. Yes

    is sleepy right now?
  9. That's me
    Spent money today?
  10. Not me yet

    Same Q ^^
  11. That's me-everyday, unfortunately.
    Drove your car today?
  12. not me...yet

    filled out paperwork today
  13. Not me

    Same Q ^^
  14. Not me
    Wearing a winter coat?
  15. That was me yesterday.

    Gets sad with PMS?