That's me......or not me!

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  1. That's me

    Likes to cook?
  2. not me

    likes to save money?
  3. That's me

    keeps all shopping receipts organized?
  4. not me

    balances checkbook monthly?
  5. That's me!

    Can't sleep because you can't decide between two bags...?
  6. That's me

    Has too many bags?

  7. Maybe me.

    Had breakfast this morning?
  8. Not me...unless 2 cups of coffee count

    Likes driving on the highway?
  9. that's me

    likes to drive?
  10. Not me.

    Tries to eat breakfast every morning?
  11. That's me!

    Eats three meals a day?
  12. not me - I eat about 5 or 6 meals a day :biggrin:

    likes red wine?
  13. that's me

    likes vodka?
  14. Thats me!

    Bloody mary?
  15. Not me.

    Likes swimming?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.