That's Love!.....You are so right!!

  1. My SA called me a few days ago to see if I wanted any Amarante putting away before it release as it's long term I said I'd take my chances. She told me something I asked about has arrived and is put away for me to come and look so today off I go to check it out.

    Any way I am a bit of a serial shopper when I go to Vuitton I can't just walk out with one thing (who can??) I checked out the Amarante but it's just not me. I saw the Summit in Pearle oh my that baby is hot I was really tempted to get it but both me & BF agreed it would be better in Pomme so when the Pomme one arrives she is so mine!

    Without further adieu (no strip tease I know you all hate them)

    This is what the call was for

    My Boyfriend bought me this as a gift, LOVE it!! (only one the store has received so far phew)


    And he got himself a little treat too


    Family Shot


    Also had to put in Corsaire I noticed that the blue lets call it varnish on the handles is cracking and flaking near the metal wear so she has to be checked over she may need sending away to Paris :crybaby:
  2. Visuals

    Off topic how do everyone take pretty feet pics they made mine look like I have elephant ankles

    oh and my butt looks really big in one pic I swear it's not (that big at least) just my top lying funny



  3. very lovely shoes! your pics of your LVOE tote make them look better than i thought they were.

    congrats!!!! :smile:
  4. I have news on the coming season/bags but I'll post that in the fall summary thread
  5. Claire I love everything!!! The shoes are AMAZING...I tried on the white ones and I was so sad that I can't spend that much money on shoes.

    BTW, do you mind posting more pics of the love PM tote?? Maybe in different lighting, angles, inside, etc.? I have yet to see this IRL and pics are the only way to cool down my impatience...
  6. WOW Claire...everything looks great on you!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I do think that the LVOE tote looks better in Ecru than the Khaki!
  7. Fabulous!!! Everything looks great on you, especially the shoes!!! You sure have a nice and generous BF!! Congratulations!!
  8. Congrats- love the shoes!!
  9. The shoes are hot, congrats! : )
  10. Wow Congrats! those shoes are so cute.
  11. Congrats! Love the shoes and the tote in ecru!
  12. OMG!!! I love those shoes. alot. a real lot. do they have metal heels? If they do, Im in trouble!!!
  13. Love your shoes:nuts:. The love tote looks nice in that colour, I'd be tempted if I wasn't broke.:push:

  14. no the heels are not metal just coated in silver plastic I guess not really sure but not metal
  15. I'll do my best Karman but my camera is rubbish lets see what I can do *off to take pics*