Thats more international Ebay buying!

  1. Im soooo gutted. I have just used the ParcelForce tracking system and this is the latest status of my bag..
    28-03-2007 23:19 International Hub AWAITING CUSTOMS CHARGING
    28-03-2007 23:19 International Hub AWAITING CUSTOMS CHARGES
    28-03-07 23:17 International Hub Arrived in destination country

    Dammit! More money to fork out:cursing:

    Im dreading how much they are going to charge me. I would be better off going the the USA and buying my handbags direct, but then knowing my luck I would still get taxed on it when I re-entered the UK:sad:
  2. aww, sorry to hear you got taxed, :sad: Hope the bag wasn't too expensive overall! What bag was it btw?
  3. Sorry to hear that Halzer. I Would be interested to see what Customs charged you as I am dying for a Hayden Harnett bag but too afraid of what the bag will truly cost me once Customs have added Duty and VAT.

    Customs website say's Duty is between 3 + 9% plus 17.5% but Secret Shopaholic says she has been charged more than this previously.
  4. Im curious to see the charges too. The seller said they stated that the bag was a gift, and also said that they put a birthday card along with the bag. Wether they actually did or not remains to be seen. I hope the seller listed the price I paid for the bag on the paperwork, and not the actual retail value.

    If the charges are £40 pounds or under I will breathe easy, but after reading other peoples experiences on here about customs charges, for all I know it could be double that.

    The status is still 'awaiting customs charges' so Im just waiting now to see what figure they pluck from the air:sweatdrop:
  5. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    It has definitely stopped me, the risk is just too great.

    I honestly thing that the exchange rate is making people feel they are getting a real bargain.

    In reality, we can end up paying more than retail price, due to the customs.:cursing:

    So much for global trading.
  6. I bought a ring from eBay US last year, for about £500 and ended up paying £75 in charges :cursing:
  7. May I ask what bag you got? :shame:

    There just was a thread concerning UK customs and fees last week or so and two tPF members had to pay about 60-70 GBP for bags worth around 260 GBP :push:

    Let me see whether I can dig that up
  8. can a package be rejected based on too high customs fees?
  9. ok, i bought a 360$ balenciaga clutch, i have to pay 240$ cutom! :wtf:
    teh seller put the real value, it's held in custom for weeks because some "insiders" kept on calling me to offer their help by asking me to pay 80$ without going "legal". i refused, and other people calling me offering the "help" too.
    what's wrong with my country???
    and if sellers said it's illegal to lie about custom, they should hear my story. even if it goes legal, the custom people still doing this "game" to get money from buyers like me !

    i'm going to teh post office tomorrow adn seked to return the clutch to the seller, and asked her to send it back here with no value and stated as gift.

    some of you might say that i'm breaking the law etc, but honestly, what would u do in my position?
    i have had experience too shipped an LV value 600 and have to pay 400$ tax!
  10. holy crap! how is tax over half? 3/4 even! geez!
  11. I believe it can, but, I think you will find the charges are still payable. Not sure what length they will go to retrieve the money. Or how soon.

    On one of the eBay Forums late last year, somebody had a very similar problem. They had been told if the charge wasn't paid the item would be destroyed and not returned automatically. I am not too sure whether they actually do that, or it was said to make the person accept the charges.

  12. that's what i don't get! it made me sooo mad.
    how come they charged me THAT much!
    honestly i'm not just BS ing here, i got proofs from the post office on how much i have to pay if i want to get that clutch, hell it's not even a clutch! it's a pouch! :cursing:
  13. I hope so too, the gift situation, only applies though to a value of £36.

    Therefore anything over that amount will be subject to the normal duty!!!

    In both my cases, the manufacturers retail price was left on, hence, the horrendous amount the first time, as it had no value on the customs form, I am sure they opened it, it also said gift on it!!

    The second time, they went on the value on the customs form, which was the total price I paid and shipping price shown separately.
  14. I'm so sorry this has happened to you seahorse!
    I have my own horror stories too, I've bought stuff from U.S and sometimes I had to pay about 1/3 of the price in customs, even though they were marked as gifts.
    Which is a lot of money because they were expensive handbags!!:push:
    Halzer I really hope that's not the case with you. Now, if I'm buying something really expensive from U.S I use courrier services like UPS so my package arrives in two days, it's totally safe and I don't pay custom fees. It's quite expensive but it's definitely worth it!!
    Let us know what happens! :flowers: