That's it, I've officially given in [REVEAL]


May 13, 2008
Good evening my fellow purse-maniacs! :biggrin:

I don't know how many hours I've spent stalking the clubhouse section drooling over this thing, but I do know one thing: Enough is enough! So, while on holiday in Berlin/Germany, I decided to put an end to my misery and hand over the little plastic card before I could change my mind, again.

(I just have to say that the store on Ku'damm has such sweet SAs, "my" SA had barely handed me the first bag I wanted to see (which, btw, was the Galliera PM) before she went to get coffee and water. Thankfully I've never been treated poorly by any store, but she was just unusually attentive. Yay for non-snotty SAs!)

Oh, and I was supposed to be on a ban.. uuhm, X number of purchases ago :shame: so 2012 will be my year of "serious saving and appreciation of what you've already got" (not going to call it a ban, because that obviously only makes the 3 year old in me want to go out and buy the first thing I can get my hands on)

Soooo, here we go:

And with souvenir #2 from Hermès

Thanks for letting me share my insanity :biggrin:



Feb 9, 2010
Alberta, Canada
Lovely bag congrats! the Hermes scarf isnt something we always see in reveals, in here.. I gotta say that its gorgeous, what a beautiful color! and print! Enjoy!
I want that scarf.. heh..