That's it - i'm off to shepton

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  1. Does anyone know what time the cafe closes? I have dosed up Nos 1 and 3 children with Calpol, packed the following in boot of car: flask, safety triangle, warm clothing shovel in case of snow, emergency flare(in case Mulberry stock low), Mulberry Credit note, headtorch and credit card.

    I have to go now. Wish me luck, will report back in at end of adventure.
  2. Have a good time !!! Wish I could go with you .....
  3. Ooh how exciting! Hope the kids feel better.

    Have they predicted snow?:confused1:

    Good luck!:tup:
  4. *waves off bold adventurer with a tear in her eye*
    Come back to us safely and share your haul!
  5. OK, this is not the mulberryholicsthread so OK, good luck and please tell us all about it later.
  6. Travel well OBR and remember to check- in when you reach base camp :okay:
    Above all, be careful out there and good luck to you. *Tips hat, bowing head in respectful manner*
  7. Hope you find something you love OBR . Fingers crossed the cafe is open when you get there.
  8. Cafe has been put on alert & all staff are waiting by their posts ready for your arrival.
  9. Sorry for asking the silly question but is there a cafe in the mulberry shop in Shepton?:amazed:

  10. Oh Sugarspice, there is indeed. It's my second home!
  11. Good luck hope you have as successful day as I did on Sunday. Roxannes rule.:tup:
  12. hehe thats nice SJ! I must visit it one day! Hope youre having fun Oldbagsrule!:yes:
  13. Oldbags, they must have chucked you out by now, so.........what did you get?
  14. Old bags, what happened??!! What did you get??? Did you make it back safely??? Did you need to use the emergency flare and headtorch? :nuts::roflmfao:
  15. ^^She may well have done, it's bandit country down there in Zomerset...