That's it, I am DONE. Bag Ban starting now.

  1. I have read about Bag bans since starting this Forum in February and they seemed....well.....silly.

    But now I get it, enough is enough until Fall.

    I have purchased six bags since Feb. and will stop looking at these lovely designs. I mean, how many bags does one gal need. (don't answer that)

    So tell me, how does one do an effective Ban? Set a number of days, months, what? And how do you keep coming to the Forum w/o wanting yet another bag you see in a post? :confused1:

    Come on girls, give me advice. And be ruthless, I can take it. *s

    Kooba Maria
    Kooba Braedon
    Kooba Bonnie
    Kooba Frankie
    Kooba Jillian (from Rosenpetals, yipee!)
    Gustto Torlia in blue
  2. With lots of willpower kinda like a diet!!
  3. If my purse ban goes anything like my diet, I am in trouble. *s
  4. I'm also on a bag ban until end of June. Placed my last order on March 31st. So, it's only been a few days. I keep on reminding myself of all those fabulous bags I bought in the past few months that haven't been used yet and I'm limiting myself to fall colors only. Whenever I see something I like in a fall color, I tell myself that I'll have more choices in the fall. So far, so good.
  5. I don't call it a ban, I call it a buying plan! LOL! Makes it more palatable.

    This year my plan to buy one bag each quarter, one for each season. I can look forward to each new bag, enjoy the one I have now (along w/ the dozens I already have) and for some reason calling it a plan makes it much easier to bear.

    My poor checkbook couldn't take it any other way.
  6. Just take it one day at a time:whistle: :whistle: :whistle:
  7. If I knew the secret I'd stop. Since I joined the forum in November I have bought the following bags:

    Prada leather hobo in red
    Zefanya brown bag
    Kooba Nisha
    Kooba Frankie
    Kooba Elisha
    Bulga Pudding Bag
    Bulga Tote
    Marc Jacobs Satchel
    Carlos Falchi Doctors Bag
    Isabelle Fiore Elaina Bag
    Kale Tate Hobo
    Elezar Navy Hobo
    Tod's Tote

    I wanted to expand my collection-but I've gone nuts! This doesn't count all of the bags that I ordered and were cancelled-YIKES!!!! If you figure out the key to stopping let me know! :roflmfao:
  8. Well, I set limits for myself for when I can buy my next one. We'll see, of course. But, at the very least, it slows me down. When I'm tempted I just have to think "purse ban purse ban purse ban..." and hope for the best.
  9. I think one of the secrets is to stop coming to this forum. This place has introduced me to so many designers, it's hard not to want them all!!

    Hey Ladysalesrep, how are the weight of your Koobas? I have been wanting one. Since I keep so much junk in my bag, the bag itself has to be pretty light.
  10. I'm wondering how you ladies can buy so many bags. Do you have them on credit cards or do you pay cash?
    Are you young, or do you have kids about to go to college? I also do not get Kooba bags at all -- and I see that they are very big with you all and on this forum. Tell me about your finances and tell me about Kooba love. Thanks!
  11. I'm under 30, have a good job and just got married (no kids yet). My husband thinks I buy a lot of bags, but really I just look at a lot of bags. The ones I did buy, I generally purchased at very high discounts. I am about to make an exception on the "no retail price" rule though for this:

    My parents both grew up pretty poor in China, so when we moved here, they retained their frugal ways. I learned that if I can't pay it off at the end of the month, I WILL NOT buy it (except education, car and house, of course).
  12. Gosh.. I can't help you :sad: I'm in your position I keep buying and buying! haha I've bought 9 LV peices since joining in January! BUT I'm determined to stay on a ban.. I hope all goes well though

    Sorry I couldn't help!
  13. Good luck with your ban, salesrep! I haven't been on a ban yet... I love my addiction a little too much, if you know what I mean! If I was on a ban though, I think I would try to take up another hobby to cut down my PF time... I'm on here so much that the temptation is what gets me!
  14. Bag ban till Fall? Wow, that takes a lot of strength. Well you can always talk about it on TPF =). Hey, any pics of the Gustto Torlia?? I think it's such a gorgeous bag.