That's it for me for NM Online.

  1. Between the problems I 've had with shipping (them leaving $1k bags on my stoop in the rain) and the gripes on this board, and today's return debacle, I will not be shopping there anymore.

    I returned a Be & D bag that was on sale for $500 several weeks ago. I checked my balance and noticed I wasn't credited for it. Well, they credited me for a pair of $12 underwear I bought instead of the satchel.

    The online representative tried to argue with me that they got the thong back. Are you telling me I don't know that I returned UNDERWEAR as opposed to a BAG? I wore the underwear yesterday.

    Obviously the warehouse made a mistake, but it has to be "investigated." If they are still screwed up I'm on the hook for $500!:cursing: I paid with NM charge so I can't dispute it. Anything from online now I'm paying with Amex, if I even order from them, which is highly doubtful.

    Of course they want ME to call back in 3 days or so. They better fix this!!!!
  2. That is awful! I hope it all works out for you!
  3. Yeah, NM is not very good at this customer service thing...I've had a few bad experiences with them myself... although they did try to make it up to me by offering me a 25% discount on my next handbag purchase...
  4. Sad to say, but Neiman's customer service has really gone downhill. They've messed up my online orders twice, and once tried to charge me shipping to return an item when THEY sent an item I hadn't ordered! Not to mention the SA's who sit around chit chatting and ignoring customers. I've pretty much had it with them.
  5. I've never ordered from NM online, so not sure about their Customer Service that way. I know in the store they are great.

    Did you send it back with proof of delivery or something stating what you sent back?
  6. I do hate the big retailers like NM. I also don't use Bloomies anymore since they put me thru the wringer on a return, similar to your story.
    But what I call Nordies to price match, and they do. And their service is impeccable. Maybe try that next time. Love me some Nordies!
  7. ^Nordies is a big retailer too.

    I guess I've been lucky and always had good CS at all the stores mentioned.
  8. I wonder if there is a way to really draw attention somewhere over NM's awful customer service? They really need to change their system. I purchased a Ferragamo tote a while back, and when I got it, it was missing the strap for the bag. I called them to inquire about it, and they tried to tell me that the item did not come with a strap. I pointed to both the item description and PICTURE, clearly stating/showing an accompanying strap. They ended up sending a replacement strap, BUT the strap was the wrong color! I ended up returning the tote.
  9. It's interesting that after all of the complaints they receive that they don't do something to improve their customer service. I have written letters to them twice and received replies back from the VP's in charge of their customer service depts-but no changes made. That's truly their loss-they need to step up to the plate and rememdy their CS. Nordstrom is phenomenal!!! :tup:
  10. Really sorry to hear this ladies. It is making me gunshy to shop NM online... I have bought several bags online, and luckily didn't have a problem, so didn't have to deal with "noncustomer service." But this will make me consider... But then...I've banned myself from buying without seeing IRL anymore.
    Nordstrom's is FAMOUS for the customer service. Let's give them our biz.
  11. I agree with you regarding the customer service at Nordstrom. They are always helpful and bend over backwards to satisfy the customer. They make their customers feel special, and isn't that the whole idea?
  12. I used their SmartLabel. They can track when it's activated. Obviously someone just checked off the wrong box (next to red thong, duh) when they processed the return.
  13. How long does it normally take for a return to get credited? I just returned a bag last week and I've been checking my account activity constantly since.
  14. I love Nordstrom. I'd buy everything there if I could, like even my groceries and my car. :p They need to expand their merchandise selection.
  15. It can take up to a month. So basically they sit on your money during that time. :cursing: