That's Amore with Domenico!!!

  1. After missing his Shot At Love, Domenico gets his own chance to find true love amongst fifteen lovely ladies.Premiers Sunday March 2nd at 10 PM on MTV...Anyone watching it??

  2. :rolleyes: Oh brother.....
  3. I personally don't think i'll be watching...but I know there are people that like him alot that would enjoy it.
  4. Am I the only person here who watches this stupid show? :sweatdrop:
  5. no, i watch too :blush:
  6. come on, you know there's no way a show this stupid could stay off my Tivoid.
    That Kim, I think that's her name, the evil one? Now there is a girl with a future! If not show business, then politics.

    The Really Unstable one that won the statue contest needs some serious help, both psychiatric and cosmetic. Maybe Domenico can save her. Take her back to Italy and get her into a mineral mud bath or something.
  7. i think its sooo gross all the dirty things they do with food.

    i dont want to eat italian food for a while.
  8. I feel like Dominico is a wannabe Borat. I can't stand that redneck Ashley or Kim. I hope he picks the other one, Megan or whatever her name is. But it's MTV, he'll probably choose the evil ***** Kim. This show is almost over know what's next...A shot of STD with Tila!

    I agree about not wanting to eat Italian food for a while :smile:

  9. I watched. I didnt care for either of the last two but especially Kim. I'd love to backhand her.
  10. switched on the television thinking im going to see like the second episode of this show, only to find out it was the finale! wtf?

    when did this show come on? why was their no hype surrounding it?
  11. I loved poor Domenico ever since he was on Tila Tequila's show. I hated Kim, and would have put my foot through my TV last night if he would have chosen her. Thank God he didn't pick her! I like Megan (basically because she was from Pennsylvania). I think he made the right choice.
  12. i thought he was funny on a shot at love, but i find the show boring so i've only watched it like twice, and i don't even think i made it through an entire episode once
  13. I'm glad he picked Megan. What is up with that redneck Ashley guy?! lol
  14. I think Kim should have been paired with Ashley as a consolation prize. They are equally as annoying!
  15. Where is the reunion show?? I'm dying to know if Dom and Megan are still together!