That's a whole lotta money. (Pochette Metis)

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  1. I *just* snagged a Pochette Metis from the LV website. I have been ogling over this bag for months. It makes my heart pound. I decided I wanted it for my 40th birthday. I ordered it and within minutes it was shipping. I feel like I could throw up - I am terrified I will love it. Is this normal? I can afford it and my husband is all for it but holy moly is that a lot of money for a bag... YOLO, right?
  2. LOL!!!
    My first designer bag was a gucci messenger bag so it wasn't that expensive but it felt like I have just thrown away my hard earned money. But it didn't last long cause I saw another bag that I needed to have.

    Welcome :smile: You will love your bag :love: and the other bags that are heading your way :smile:
  3. Lol. Felt the exact same way when I bought my 'first' which was the Artsy. Literally sick to my stomach . It was a foreign concept to spend that much on something indulgent. I plead the fifth after that.

    *edit-forgot to add...Happy Birthday and enjoy your PM!
  4. Thanks guys! I'm so nauseous but at the same time couldn't stop myself from ordering it. It's so beautiful and it's so my style... I'm sweating! Lol. I thought I had asked for it to be overnighted but it went out standard which just adds to the anxiety - more time to think about it.
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  5. This is so refreshing to read. We've all been there. It usually doesn't stop there though, so be warned. Happy 40th and enjoy your birthday pressy! Can't wait to see her here!
  6. Congrats and Happy Birthday...I have the old model PM and love it...I hope you love it!!!
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  7. That's how I felt when purchased my first one years ago. That's when the addiction started. Now 2k seems like a bargain compared to other stuff I want lol.
    Enjoy your bag, you deserve it, it is time for you to spoil yourself! Happy birthday!!
  8. Enjoy it. We all deserve nice things.

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  9. Congratulations and Happy Birthday! It's normal to feel a little queasy when self-indulging on an expensive item, especially something like a purse, but the feeling you'll have when you fall in love wearing it will be priceless.
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  10. Wow, you were able to order it online ?! Congrats!!!! I try that every 5 minutes since weeks and it's always not available :sad:
    From which country are you from??
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  11. I was at my local LV today and tried on the monogram and a black empreinte pochette metis. Both are fantastic- so light and comfortable on, and a great design! I'm now dreaming of bringing home the monogram! Congratulations on your purchase!
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  12. I'm in the U.S. I've been stalking the website. It went from saying "call for availability" to "place in cart". I'd try to put the PM in my cart and it would say the item was out of stock. Last night I tried it again and it actually went in my cart - I was shocked!! Keep trying!!
  13. Thank you so much, I will keep trying (day and night ;) )
    Enjoy your beautiful bag!!
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  14. I've never seen one in person. The Empreinte is gorgeous but there is something about this bag in monogram that just grabs me. I love agood black bag but I've watched so many videos to decide between the two and the monogram just calls to me every time. I think it's luxurious but so functional.
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  15. Thank you! I'll keep checking and let you know if I see one to. Luck!!!
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