That's 1 big bottle of nail polish...what a day!

  1. Ok some of you read I went shopping today....I went for this:


    Had been on the wait list for that htf black satin Chanel polish, so I had to go pick it up, right?
  2. This is what I came home with :yahoo:

    (the bags, that is)


  3. twinkle, is that a version of the vamp:confused1: I just relocated and no dept stores nearby.:s
  4. This is what DH had waiting for me!!

  5. OMG!!!!! I wanna see it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I was about to move this thread to Chanel. . . I could not figure out why you'd post your nail polish in LV! LOL!
  7. LOL Swanky!

  8. :graucho: :graucho:
  9. oooh... delay reaction to posting...

    What's inside... Can we see?:yes: please?:s
  10. Whats in the bag? or shall I say bags!
  11. I wanna's been 10 minutes....cmon twinkle!
  12. Twinkle, let us see!
  13. i was so confused when i started reading this thread...

    twinkle..u got us all!! them!!
  14. I'm appealing to your sympathetic side.. it has been a long day, I'm tired and ready to head off to bed, but want to see your new stuff!!! please post soon!
  15. Sorry DH came in....and wanted me to show him all my goodies ;)...I will continue pics in just a few minutes.