That'll teach me to cheat on Coach!

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  1. I totally use to think it was too much to spend on coated canvas as well and I would choose coach legacy bags over lv hands down, but the Garcia leather, quality control issues and styles that last maybe a year or two make me think the coated canvas in timeless styles isn't such a bad deal. My true love has always been coach, but there comes a point when you have to really look at what you are spending you $$$ on. For now I plan on doing a lot of e-bay shopping for the legacy pieces I want and possibly branch into lv with an epi alma or a speedy.
  2. Ooooh, I love the Cherry Speedy. I thought about the 25, but wasn't sure it was going to be quite big enough. I think for the 30, I might need the base shaper. I love the wallets too, especially the red one. I bet it looks really cute with that Cherry Speedy!

  3. alisanolan, did the ebay seller agree to send you the speedy without leaving feedback first like she asked you to do?
  4. Well, I don't think I could ever afford to be an LV "collector"! LOL. Your comments don't offend me. I love the look of the LV, but was just not impressed with the weight of it. I think the Speedy will be ok though.

    I think the Coach "gods" cursed me for cheating! Now, I'm gonna have to decide what to get with PCE. I kinda of wanted the LV too because I was miffed that I didn't get a PCE. And then look what happens, I get one in the mail today. It's kind of like they cursed me and then rewarded me all at the same time!

  5. Yes, she did. When I told her that I wouldn't leave feedback first and she could just refund my money, she suddenly changed her mind! She said she sent it UPS today and I should have it on Tuesday.
  6. I think the Coach "gods" were punishing me. I really hope that I like the Speedy. I was just not impressed with the Neverfull. I have wanted an LV for so long and when I finally got it, I was really let down. Hopefully, I'll love the Speedy IRL.
  7. I'm getting the mono 30. I really hope that I like it!