That'll teach me to cheat on Coach!

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  1. So, I posted a couple of days ago about how I splurged and cheated on Coach for my Birthday. I ordered the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM and am so disappointed. :tdown: I already called LV for my return slip to send it back for a refund. I know a few other ladies on this forum have LV too. I love the look, but seriously it is sooooo flimsy for $700. I am used to my very substantial Coach bags. I thought LV would be even better.

    I had also got wrapped up in an ebay mess for an LV Speedy, that looks like it is going to work out. I hope that it gets here OK and that I really love her. I don't want to have to put it back out on ebay.

    My best birthday present that I got (and the cheapest) was a used pink (just like new) Coach satchel for only $85! I'll try and post modeling pics later. I just got it yesterday. I included a pic from the auction listing.

    Then to top it off, I think that Coach was trying to make me feel guilty for stepping out on them. I got a PCE in the mail today! So, how's that for an extra birthday bonus. :woohoo:

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  2. LOl! Congrats!
  3. I buy Coach and LV. The LV's are not heavy bags and they are very durable! I have two speedy's and love them. Not sure how much I am gonna be loving Coach with these cheap bags they are making. Last week I bought a Bleeker bag, then yesterday out to dinner and my friend noticed that the stitching on the bag was falling apart. I don't really look at the back of my bag. It was horrible looking the whole side of the left bag was falling apart, so right after dinner I went straight to the Coach store.

    I am getting a new bag shipped to me which is good at least they are replacing it. I just bought it a week ago there, you would think that they would have another one in stock. No bag should be falling apart in a week, lack of quality control standards!!!

    Right now I am rocking my speedy which feels pretty good and I feel like I am getting what I paid for. In the mean time waiting for my new bleeker bag, not even feeling excited about it.

  4. Wow, I love your pink satchel! It's totally cute and what a deal!! Congrats on that one~

    Carrie, I am horrified at you story! I don't blame you for not feeling excited for the replacement. I can't believe Coach would let such a shoddy bag out. Seriously, their quality is really suffering. It makes me wonder how long they'll be willing to repair bags if they start coming in for repair in droves.
  5. OOO what a pretty pink bag you scored! Happy Birthday btw! I like the look of Louis Vuitton but have never had one before. I'm sorry you didn't have a good experience! Do you think it's that particular bag, or do you think the speedy will be this way as well?
  6. This is nothing against anyone who likes, collects or buys LV. PERSONALLY for me, I think it's way too much for coated canvas. I'd rather have an all-leather bag. Keep in mind, this is just my personal opinion and I dont mean to offend anyone!! I've never had any problems with any of my Coach bags for the over 9 years I've been purchasing them. They have all held up perfectly. I guess it's just one's preference! See what you get for cheating on Coach! Now that you've got your PCE I hope you'll treat yourself to something nice! And happy belated b-day!
  7. My sister has that bag (or a very similar style) in light pink and the thing has worn like iron. I'm also really partial to tonal Cs, especially on satchels. Good choice :smile: That's the bag I use when I try to talk myself into a nice signature bag. "But sis doesn't baby her bags at all and it's still gorgeous!" "But you don't like logos. On anything." "But... pretty!"

    Enjoy your birthday present! It's such a fun pop of color.

  8. Thanks for understanding! I have carried Coach for a long time and have never had any problems that I am starting to see and hear people talk about. I got that PCE card in the mail to and I saw a hamptons bag that I like, of course it's excluded. Usually I would be running to the Coach store the same day it came lol and haven't had the urge yet :sad: which is sad. I guess I am just waiting to inspect my new bag before I even think about spending another dime on Coach.

    LV canvas may seem like alot of money but most of those bags can last years before ever seeing any chipping on them. Alot of bags at 5 years old still look brand new.
  9. I am glad you posted this because I am thinking of cheating on Coach with LV. I am not sure if I am going to do this, but I've been thinking about it for a couple of months now. I've been an all-leather girl, with the exception of the bag in my avatar. I've always thought the same thing about LV, that it's too much for coated canvas, but I have to admit I am curious about straying to LV just for one bag....
  10. Sorry to hear about your Coach! So, how long have you had your Speedys and which ones do you have? I am getting the 30. Does it feel substantial? The Neverfull had such thin material. I thought their bags were heavier. Maybe the older bags were? I don't know, but I love the style of the Speedy, so I hope that I like it IRL. Do you use a base shaper in yours?

  11. The two speedys that I have are the Cherry Cerises Speedy and the Monogram speedy. They are both the speedy 25! I don't have a base shapper in them although I have seen others that do.I think both of mine look pretty good without them, I also love the slouchy look to.

    All the things I have inside it keep it well shapped too! I have: Wallet, agenda, beauty case, ipod with holder, phone, keys, and lotion. I still have room in there for more lol The speedys are thin bags but durable and can handle what you put in them.

    Here is a pic of my Cherry Speedy and my two wallets.

  12. Pretty stuff!!!
  13. lol, i think Coach knew you were up to something so they sent you the PCE just at the right time ;) LOL. i'm sorry the neverfull did not work out for you. personally, i never liked how it looked because the handles looked so dainty and i know that it would not feel comfortable on the shoulders with a substantial amount in the bag. $700 is absolutely a handful to spend on something that might be lacking compared to Coach...however, that's that. but i'm glad to hear that you got a speedy. i'm sure you'll love her and understand why so many of us here love her too!
    happy birthday!!!!!
  14. Happy birthday, congrats on the Coach bag and may I ask what speedy did you order? I love my speedies from LV. Very durable and chic! I have mine in 25 and 30 in mono and Azur.
  15. *drools over that Pomme wallet*

    Good god it's beautiful! :drool::heart: The Mono Zippy is delicious too.
    I love your Speedy 25 too! It's adorable!