That zipper tape color!

  1. Daphne from BalNY just called to tell me that my Vert Foret (pine) Twiggy w/RH was in Yay! Yay? I have a Compagnon in the pine green and wanted a Twiggy because I assumed the zipper tape with the RH would match the green leather, as it does on my wallet. Well, Daphne said the zipper tape on the Twiggy is teal, like it is on the GH bags in Vert Foret. I had to pass. So, an FYI...the zipper tape is blue-green. :s
  2. wah-HUH???? :wacko::weird:
  3. Does anyone have a photo of that yet? I'm interested to see what that would look like. How odd... did they just do that to the pine bags?
  4. I think I understand what u mean - it bugs me when the cloth part around the zipper doesn't match the bag!!!
  5. I saw a rh pine city at NM today and have to agree that the zipper tape is a different color than the bag - doesn't match the leather, IMO. I love the pine leather color but would not get a bag in this color due to the zipper tape color discrepency.
  6. That is too bad. Pine is such a beautiful color.
  7. I've noticed that the zipper fabric between the giant hardware and regular hardware can sometimes be different colors too. Like the Violet Giant is brighter than the Violet Classic which as more dark blue tones to it.
  8. Just wow. I would not have even thought of this.
  9. Why would they suddenly do that? I haven't seen it, but my guess is that it would "cheapen" the look. Contrasting zipper fabric colour seems a bit cutesy or something. Too bad.
  10. Yes - that's right. In early September, Jenova posted a thread about her new Vert Foret City with SGH. Here is her picture to illustrate: . See how the zipper tape is blue/green. Daphne at BalNY said it is like this on the Twiggy w/RH, too.

    Now look at the attached pic of my wallet: . Here the zipper tape is green much closer to the leather.
  11. I really noticed this on the Violet SGH work bag - IRL at NM. Yes, ladies and gents I was stupid enough to have my hands on it and didn't take her home - The zipper tape and braiding in the handles was such a very different color it really bugged me. However I do regret it ever since and shoulda gotta the bag anyway - Violet is unbelievable!!!
  12. oh wow. that's just weird. did they run out of zipper tape in green?
  13. I much prefer the green (darker) zipper tape.. the lighter/teal one would definitely bug me too..
  14. Hm, from the pics it doesn't look too bad... I mean the violet or blue india zipper fabric and leather don't match either (and even less the handle thread), but they're a similar color in darker/lighter. My 05 turq First matches everything though!
  15. The zipper tape on the sgh city is exactly like the zipper tape I was on the rh city at NM. Looks very strange, IMO. I love the pine leather but wouldn't consider buying because of the tape color.