That Was Fun-Now where should I go?

  1. My first trip to LV in Paris was great (see photos in LV thread)! Send me somewhere else,ladies! You decide, which shop windows in Paris you would like to see and I will post some pictures. Chanel, Gucci, Hermes???? Vanessa Bruno...Goyard? Givency???? YSL???
  2. Hermes!!!!!! :smile:
  3. Chanel!!!!! :biggrin:
  4. Everything.

    I'm greedy.
  5. Goyard!
  6. Whoo Hoooo! This is going to be fun! I am going to recharge my little battery pack and plan a field trip!
  7. Definitely Goyard!!!!! Please??? :heart:
  8. OK, that makes two votes for Goyard...they are currently in the lead for the first photos....
  9. Yay Goyard. I'm going to NYC this weekend, so I'll get to see the bags at Barneys, but I'm going to hold off on buying them because I'm planning a trip to Paris sometime this year or next.
  10. Yep, the price might be better...but, call me silly...for me, a bag is a very sentimental thing, not just an object. I thought it was so charming to see a woman standing outside of the LV shop, with a shopping bag containing her new purchase...her hubby (presumably) snapping photos...I appreciate them more when there is a special memory attached to you know what I mean?

    I'll take some photos so you can dream of your future trip:flowers:
  11. nooooo!!!
    chanel or Hermès please!!!!!!!!!:shame:
  12., I am goint to hit Goyard, Hermes and Chanel (on Faubourg St. Honoré) since they are all in the same neighbourhood....stay tuned...I will post them when I return in a few hours=))))))))
  13. Hermes!!!!!
  14. Wouldn't you know it! My plan was to take lots and lots of shots this evening...but, I forgot to change my battery!!!!:rant: is what I did manage to get....well darn it! I guess I have to go back tomorrow....what a shame:yes:
    DSCF2496.JPG DSCF2485.JPG
  15. And this is a good place drop after you shop...

    The Hotel Westminster...

    Sooooo pretty...but whatever posessed them to put those fake flowers in the trees anyway....well, it is stunning if you don't get too close:yes: