THAT was fast!!

  1. So I was out at the mall today and I saw a fake LV Charms bag ALREADY!! It was a tote style - the pic is gone from Elux now but it was a larger bag and an obvious fake. It looked poorly made (though it was still sporting the fake LV logos) and didn't have the vinyl covering to protect the scarf material. But really - didn't that bag JUST come out?? I can't believe that knockoffs have already found their way to Illinois :evil:
  2. Some have said here before, including myself, that we believe there are probably LV employees who get paid to hand over copies of new designs and stuff to counterfeiters before they are even out to the public. It happens all the time in other industries.
  3. I wonder how much they get slipped under the table. It must be an astronomical amount because I'm sure LV etc imposes harsh legal action if they find out.
  4. I Saw Them Before The Release (In NY).....Again W/O The Vinyl Covering
  5. =(
    I hate fakes so much. I can't wait for the day when people are thrown in jail for producing/buying/carrying a fake!
  6. It's ashame that does happen. It will only stop when people stop buying fakes.
  7. that is not good i dont like knock offs.