That tiny inside pocket. What do you use it for?

  1. Hello. Sorry if this has been asked already, but has anyone figure out a use for that little pocket along the back wall of the TME, just under the zip pocket and next to a larger one? I don't have anything that fits there, other than a pen or two.
  2. ^GREAT question! I have been wondering the same thing!
  3. My mobile fits the pocket :smile:
  4. I don't have a TME. Can someone post a pic of the pocket?
  5. Thanks, Cliffene, and lucky you! I had guessed it was designed to accommodate a certain type of mobile phone or other device, but mine is too wide. I might be able to jam it in there, but getting it out is another story!
  6. if it's the typical BE little pocket, i also put my cell in there. I put my blackberry in the larget pocket.
  7. Wow, I can't imagine a cell phone that little anymore. The bigger pocket is perfect for my iphone. I can't find a use for the little pocket either. On a good note, I love the hidden slip pocket along the inside of the bag on the opposite side!
  8. ^^I think I know what you are talking about. My Blackberry is too big to fit in there but I use the smaller pocket right now for my Chapstick since it is freaking colder than HECK up here! Also...pens! Usually...just instant grab and go things.
  9. I have noticed that the size of this pocket varies in BE bags in general. In most cases my phone fits in it but in others it is too small. I think that it may be a quality control issue?
  10. I use it for my iPod and it fits nicely... My mobile phone is too bulky for that tiny pocket!
    I also store my lip balm there when i'm not carrying the iPod...
  11. lipstick and a pen

  12. Silly me, I think I know which pocket you are talking about. I have the MMS and I put my reading glasses in it, cause my BB Pearl w/skin case will not fit.

    Thanks Finzup for the pic!
  13. jancedtif, Well, that is a great idea!
  14. Thanks for the pic finzup, as I was wondering which pocket you were all talking about!! I put my ipod in the larger one, and phone in the smaller one.
  15. Really? :faint:

    Dont you have a 4G ipod that fits snuggly in the smaller pocket? I am shocked! :p