That Time Of Year - What is Your Fall/Winter 13/14 Coat Plans

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  1. I heard Canada Goose is a great brand! I was thinking of getting a Moncler from Ebay - I didn't want to pay retail - but instead I bought a North Face down jacket from Marshalls for $200 and also a Burberry wool toggle coat from Ebay for just over $400. I almost bought a toggle coat from Zara that closely resembled the Burberry but I know I wouldn't be 100% happy with it. I'm all set for coats this winter-I always seem to buy at least 2 winter coats a year. I have a few nice ones I've kept from the past and the rest I consigned as I'm trying to whittle down my closets to a point where everything will go into higher rotation.
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  3. I vote for numbers 1 and 2 - I cannot decide between those two
  4. I just want another mackage coat. A longer puffer is all!
  5. I've got my trusty Moncler and North Face parkas that I've used for years, however I recently bought a Canada Goose parka that I can't wait to use.
  6. Well we're about to go into summer in the southern hemisphere, but I am taking a trip to Chicago for work next year in November so I plan to get this shearling coat by Joseph - hopefully I can snag it on sale :biggrin: :tup:
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    Yes, I was thinking of getting one of the two Canada Goose parkas, since the Burberry is probably just not warm enough. But the Whistler ended up being too long - it goes past the knees, and the Trillium was nice - slim cut and not too long or too short.

    But after trying it, I opted for the Parajumper Long Bear Coat - seemed to have a good combo of practicality and style. It's also a bit more slimming than the Canada Goose.
  8. Beautiful coat! Even better if you manage to get it on sale. :smile:
  9. Yes :biggrin: I'm hoping I can snag it, but have to wait and's a lot of money on a coat but I'd ideally like to be incredibly warm AND stylish :yes: :P
  10. I've just been going over options myself.
    I can't quite commit to another investment piece so I opted for 2 Zara options. (Last year I bought a Moncler parka and a long black Burberry funnel neck coat.)

    I went for mid length to wear to/from gym and running errands....I'm just hoping the belted coat is reasonably soft....

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  11. Not sure why both did not upload....belted coat photo....

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  12. Zara ones are quite sexy i find!

    I just wish they made a male versions of their mid length belted women's versions, as id buy one. They would be making a more affordable version of a Peuterey one i like as its smart and functional. Where my Canada Goose is more functional.
  13. I have 2 Joseph shearlings/sheepskins and live in them. I hope you can snag it for less too. I also grabbed mine in the sales and although still a lot of money and made me doubt my sanity (I have plenty of sheepskins) I have more wear out of both of them than my money's worth so I'm happy, I practically lived in my black last Winter.

    Beautiful coat
  14. I'm just wearing what I have already, that goes for boots too. I couldn't do better than I have already :smile: