That "special feeling"...

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  1. My HG used to be the 2007 Dark Silver Reissue 226. Every time I looked at it or used it I used to get that "special feeling". Nowadays I just don't feel the same way anymore. I still like to look at her, but I don't really use her and when I bring her out I just feel "so so". Question is... should I keep her because she is so rare, or should I let her go? I could think of many other ways to use the money, but for some reason I am quite attached to the bag. I would decide to let her go, but then when I take her out to look at her, I just can't bring myself to part with her.... eventhough I don't really use her.

    What do you ladies think? HELP!
  2. I'll take it, lol

    But honestly, don't keep something just because it's rare. If you think u can do more with the money then sell it. Otherwise, it's just sitting in your closet taking up space.
  3. Never keep a bag you don't use.. If you still feel for her, take her out, used her again. Tell us after that whether is that feeling still that overwhelming? Yes - KEEP IT. No - Let her go to someone, bring that someone the special feeling rather
  4. Oh A!!! Its your last piece of DS are you sure? I have to agree with you that my DS reissue does not give me the same feeling anymore but it has been a few years now! lol While I agree that you should not keep a bag you do not will be hard to re-buy one in the same condition as yours. Maybe try wearing it for a week and see how you feel....DS matches everything and I always get soo many compliments on it! But at the same time if you need the money for something important then sell the bag!
  5. don't sell it :smile:
  6. Keep it, u'll feel for her again some day !! I had the same feeling about my grey matt 226 at some point in time and I almost wanted to sell it ! But after a few months later, i looked at it again and fell in love with her all over again !

    I am so glad I didn't sell her off !! :biggrin:
  7. keep it for now!!! if you still feel this way a few weeks down the road, maybe it's time to let it go..
  8. I have a lot of bags I haven't used yet, but I feel the occasion will come up where I will need that particular bag. It's the same as with a special occasion the dress when you see it, especially if the price is right, and the occasion will follow!:true:
  9. perhaps hold on to it for a couple of months and see how you feel then? if you still feel lackluster about the bag then (it's so beautiful!!!) then think about selling it then!
  10. A!! Hey, its a phase...would you regret selling? I sold my 226 then got a 225 and sold it What can cure this sickness???:nuts:
    If you don't need the cash, just keep it first unless you already have another bag in mind to replace this dark silver.

    There is however one bag which I can't bear to use and I won't sell. The anniversary reissue which is absolutely pristine and I don't think I can ever part with it! But never say never when you're on TPF!

    Good luck in yr decision!!
  11. i agree with tillie. you should keep it. maybe you don't feel for her now cos you have matched with almost everything in your wardrobe. maybe when you get something new, the feeling may be back? but if you really don't feel for it anymore even after a long time, then i suggest you sell it.
  12. If you have really grown tired of it, then there's no point keeping it (unless there is sentimental value e.g. it's a gift from someone special). Having said that this is a classic that never goes out of style so if you're unsure, you can keep it for a while then decide if it should stay or go. Perhaps that loving feeling would come back after you stop using it for a while. Absence makes the heart grow fonder LOL!
  13. This seems to be a theme on the board of late. Maybe it's sensory overload; who knows. OR perhaps someone put something in the water supply?

    To the OP, hang onto it until you are absolutely positive, without a doubt ready to send it packing to a new home. When it's time, you will know. (No doubt about it.)
  14. Why? honey? Are you sure? I may not be the best person to say because I still love my 07 DS 225 so much as it's my first chanel & a very special one that's gifted by DH. This color matches anything & it can be dressed up & down. Do you really need to sell the bag because you didn't use it often? Maybe you should take it out for a week or so & see how you feel again later. I hope you will keep it as this is one special color & it seems it's not going to reissue more in the near future. Think twice & don't rush to make a decision now!~
  15. can you post a photo to see if its the one i think it is....