That really makes me irritated...

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  1. So, I've been wanting this COACH scarf FOREVER because I think it is GORGEOUS, and I have called JAX several times w/this style number... they stated that this was an older scarf and that they are sold out of it and will not make it again, and now all of a sudden its up on the website? WTF?? :cursing: Misleading information from JAX, does this ever happen... LOL... NEVER, right? YEAH OK!! I'm happy now though cuz I'm gonna get it!!
  2. Is it the same style number or have the changed it at all?

    Sorry, you got the run around but yay for getting it!!
  3. yeah no kidding! you totally lucked out it sounds like!
  4. Pretty! So glad that you're able to get it now.

    This is why I'm still holding out for a strawberry fob.
  5. Glad you're finally getting it. I get so frustrated with the info from JAX and the SAs sometimes.