THAT purple Plan B on eBay...

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  1. OK ladies~ are we not liking the Plan B? especially in that yummy purple/violet colour?! Whats wrong with it?! how come nobody is bidding on it?!! i think its gorgeous! and for $299 its a STEAL with only a day to go~ i really hope somebody bids on it before i think i need that bag!! (i really don't since i bought 4 RMs this month!!) :Push:
  2. ^^yea not just 4 RM's...4 RM's at full price!

    Haha maybe you should bid on it just so you know you got a steal on a bag! :rolleyes:
  3. just the sage MAB was at full price actually :crybaby: but oh wells, since it was my HG i can't complain!

    i scored 2 at Bluefly and just ordered another one from FLL with 25% off :yahoo:

    please do not encourage me!~ LoL
  4. which one did you buy from FLL? Did they let you use the code today? or was this on easter weekend?
  5. i bought the glazed espresso matinee and i emailed Lizzy as soon as i saw the promotional email~ but i only really placed my order today since we have being playing line chasey :yes:
  6. Hee hee....i think it's a great color and a great bag, but....I'm not totally sold on the contrasting panels.
  7. I thought it was fake hahaha I don't like the white on it if it had been all purple it would have been mine! :smile:)
  8. ^^ I thought the RM's haven't been faked yet? [​IMG]
  9. I don't think they have been but I had never seen that color combo before! By the way I wish I was in HK I love it there!
  10. I'm watching that auction! I've been wondering why no one has bid on it. I'm not completely sold on it but if no one bids then I might consider it.
  11. you know girls~ the more i look at it the more the colour is growing on me :girlsigh:
    Mz Erica~ please bid on it~ i really don't need another bag!
  12. Yeah Erica... it's on my watch list and i'm THISCLOSE to buying it... but after my 2 RM and 2 bal purchases this month I really don't think it's a good idea :biggrin: Plus i'm holding out for the tangy plan b.